The purple curtain of wisteria

It’s one of places I’ve wanted to go all the time since I saw the photo in the magazine. The photo of purple wisteria  was really eye-catching! I put it in my bucket list as soon as I saw it.

The name is “Byakugouji” which is a famous temple for for wisteria. It lies in Tanba city, Hyogo prefecture. I missed the chance to visit it last year. .

It greets in full bloom only from the beginning of May to the end of this month. I tried to keep it mind so that I wouldn’t forget this time.

So, when my French friend invited me to go somewhere for golden week, I could remember and suggest it. It takes about two hours from the center of Osaka by train. Honestly, I was tired of getting on the train for a long time, because of work. But this travel was different! A while later after we departed from Osaka station, the breathtaking scenery of the countryside spread out before us.

The scenery of Tanba city , wisteria, beautiful flower, Byakugouji , temple , Japan travel, Osaka travel

The scenery of Tanba city

Actually, I was so sleepy at the time, since I got up early in the morning and I was supposed to sleep in the train as soon as I sat in the seat. But the heart-touching beauty b me forget to sleep and glued to the scenery all the way. That’s one of enjoyable elements in the travel of the rural area to appreciate the scenery from the window of the train along the way. After I got to the nearest station, “Ichijima”, there were lots of people and some taxis were lining up to catch them.

We decided to walk to Byakugouji because we like walking, we like enjoying the scenery on the way and we wanted to save money! There were many reasons for this choice!

The bird flying in the sky , Japan travel, Osaka travel, westria , beautiful flower, Byakugouji

The bird flying in the sky

A while later we started walking, we found a flock of pretty fluff of dandelions. We picked them up and blew away with all my strength like we did in our childhood. After we stopped by for a while for dandelion lions, we started walking again.

Byakugoji, Dandelion, Temple, wisteria, Japan travel,

The fluff of Dandelion

There were some signboards to show the way to the temple. So it’s easy to get there. It took longer than we planned since the rural landscape stretched out before us sometimes made us stop, though! As we got closer, we saw many cars got in a traffic. Definitely, they should haven’t came here by car and our choice was correct. I felt a sense of superiorly within myself.Each of the faces was really unique

Byakugoji, Dandelion, Temple, wisteria, Japan travel, statue

The impressive statues

.About 20minutes later after we started walking at the station, we got to the final destination. We went inside the temple. There were many trees and a pond there and some carps were swimming in the pond. The trees were of various kind of shape and color. Besides they beautifully match of the scenery. I was already excited before I saw the wisteria which was the purpose to visit here. Later, we came to the square where there were lots of wisteria. Many people were excitedly taking photos of them. And many statues was lining up in the side of the square.

The colorful tress, wisteria. Byugojj, Temple, Japan travel

The colorful tress

Then, we started taking photos of wisteria. A bunch of flower of light purple color hanging were eye feast. And it smelled good! We took many photos with this amazing flowers. After we appreciated them, we started leaving for Osaka. Actually there were some restaurants around here to enjoy local food, I knew it later in the magazine,though! When I come here next time, I’ll definitely try them. I promise to myself. Unfortunately, the season of wisteria already finished this year. But why don’t you add here in your bucket list for next year. It will be the choice you ’ll never regret.

Wisteria, Purple flowers, Byakugoji, Temple, Japan travel

The bunch of wisteria

Wisteria, Purple flowers, Byakugoji, Temple, Japan travel

Wisteria 2