A place of special energy in Kyoto, Kurama and Kifune

Kurama and Kifune are some of the sightseeing spots in Kyoto.

I visited there recently with French friends.

There is a hiking course between Kurama and Kifune.
It’s an easy course, so we don’t need specific equipment for walking and can walk in casual clothes.

We started walking from Kurama.

The Kurama station, Wooden building, station , Kurama, tasteful station in japan

The Kurama station

As soon as I arrived in Kurama station, the big statue of Tengu jumped in front of my eyes and attracted my attention.

Have you heard about “Tengu?”
They are Japanese imaginary spirits who have a red face and long nose.

There are many legends of Tengu in Japanese sacred mountains.
Above all, a Tengu in Kurama-yama of Kyoto is the most famous one.

The statue of Tengu, spiritual creature, The legend of Tengu, statue, Japanese statue

The statue of Tengu

The strong red face and long nose
The solemn and grim face

I felt that even just a statue of Tengu gives off some spiritual power

The station which is made of wood was small, nevertheless, it’s tasteful. It didn’t look like a station at first glance. It’s like an old Japanese house. The tranquil appearance healed my heart

There were some souvenir shops around the station. Tengu-related goods were lined up there, such as omens (which means masks.)
And some Japanese sweets were also sold in the shops. I tried “Ushiwaka-mochi.”
It’s “Meibutsu” here, which means a local specialty.

Maibutsu, UshiwAkamichi, specialty in Kurama, Kyoto, Local food in Kurama

The Meibutu“ushiwakamochi”

After we tried “Meibutsu,” we started climbing “Kurama-yama.”
We could get to Kifune by walking through Kurama-yama

We passed through forests and kept on walking for a while.
As the path was well-developed, it’s relatively easy to walk.

Stair, shrine, spiritual place, walking, Kurama, Kyoto

The path leading to the main shrine of Kurama

There was a huge and strangely-shaped tree which looks like it has lived at least 100 years.


Small shrines, Torii and statues appeared on the way.
There are many trees which grow on both sides of the path.

Small shrine, red Torii, red shirine, Spiritual place, Kurama, Kyoto

The small shrine I found midway

I discovered a lot on the way even before I arrived at the main shrine of Kurama Shrine.
Those discoveries made even the path to the destination more enjoyable.

The entrance of Kurama yama, spiritual place, power spot, Kurama dera, Kurama shrine, Kurama,Kifune, Kyoto

The entrance of Kurama yama

The strange shaped something, spiritual place,Power spot, Kifune, Kurama, Kyoto

The strange-shaped something

While walking, we found a rest place and we went inside. Some snacks and drinks were sold there. Then, an old woman talked to us and gave us “Ocha,” which means a Japanese tea.

Ocha, Japesen tea, Japanese tea, Kurama, Kyoto

I drunk “Ocha”here. It’s nice atmosphere!

What a kind woman!

Her kindness made my heart warm and my body energetic!
We drank it and took a break for a while.
Later, we arrived in the main shrine of “Kurama shrine,” which is well known as a spiritual place.

The main shrine of Kurama, Kurama dera, Kurama shrine, Red torii, Power spot, Spiritual spot

The main shrine of Kurama

As expected from the reputation as a spiritual place, I felt as if it’s giving off energy.
Many people visit here to receive energy.
According to the website, sometimes there is a queue on holidays

I made a wish in front of the shrine.
As there is a bench there, you can take a break or have a lunch there.
It must make the lunch tastier to eat in such a spiritual place!

From a view point, I could see the way I had climbed earlier and the beautiful greenery of trees! The view also gave me spiritual power, in a sense.

The scenery of Kurama, Mountain view, Kurama dera, Kurama shrine, Kyoto, Power spot, Spiritual spot

The scenery from the view point

“I arrived at the first main destination!”

Some people go back after they make a wish here.

We walked to a Sando, which means an approach to the main shrine.
It leads to Kifune.
More trees grow on the path and it’s like being in the forest.

The path leading to Kifune, Moutain path, Walking course, Sando, An approach, Spiritaul place, Power spot, Kifune, Kurama, Kyoto, Foreast

The path leading to Kifune

It had a quieter atmosphere and there were less people.
I walked carefully so as not to fall down.

The path leading to Kifune, Moutain path, Walking course, Sando, An approach, Spiritaul place, Power spot, Kifune, Kurama, Kyoto, Forest, Strange-shaped trees grow on the ground

The strange-shaped roots on the ground

About an hour later, we got to Kifune. It’s as popular as Kurama as an “Okuzashiki” of Kyoto, which means a retreat place.

Kifune, Spiritual place, Power spot, Kyoto, Kurama, retreat place, Okuzashiki, Secret place, relaxing place


As soon as we arrived in Kifune, the atmosphere changed.
There were more tourists than in Kurama.
It’s more touristy there.

Kawadoko restaurant, Kawadoko cuisine, restaurant in Kyoto, Kurama, Kifune, Spiritual place, Power spot, riverside restaurant

Kawadoko restaurant

Many nice restaurants are lined up along Kifune river, where we can eat “Kawadoko cuisine,” which is a specially there in Kifune.

We started walking along the river, looking into the restaurants on the way.
While walking, I heard the sound of the water and it healed my heart.

The Kifune river, Kawadoko restaurant, Kawadoko cuisine, Spritual place, Power spot, Kifune, Kurama, Kyoto, relaxing place

Kifune river

Some staff members of the restaurants were approaching the tourists
Almost all of the restaurants looked great! We could eat, even though it’s a little expensive for us!
The average price of a course-meal is 5,000 yen per person.
We just looked into the restaurants and enjoyed the atmosphere.

“I want to have a meal here some other day,”
I said to myself.

Anyway, we found a reasonable cafe and had lunch.
The name of the restaurant is “Kifune cafe.”
The interior design, based on the trees, was really nice.
Although we didn’t eat “Kawadoko cuisine” here, the curry rice was good!
I had a relaxing time and recharged myself.

The path leads to Kurama from Kifune, walking course, spiritual place, power spot, Kifune, Kurama, Kyoto, The beautiful scenery, Kyoto

The path leads to Kurama from Kifune

After we satisfied our appetite, we went to Kurama onsen. A shuttle bus came to Kurama station to pick us up. So it’s easy to go there!
Some hiking and an onsen is a perfect combination for me!

We healed our bodies, which had worked for us all day.

If you want to know more about Kyoto, Check this out.




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Mayumi Nagano

I wanted to go to Kurama. about 7years ago. I
could not go there.
I went to kyoto aquariam
with my daughter.
we made dorphine phistle..
that’s all.


Thank you for your comment! Kurama id is really nice place! I hippie that you could go to Kurama very soon!


Thank you!! Are you coming to Japan? Then, you should visit this place! Anyway,I’m happy to hear that you like my article!


I am planning a trip to Kyoto next summer. I enjoyed reading about your visit and seeing your pictures.


Wow! i want to know your impression after you visit Kyoto, and Kifune Kurama! I hope that my article would helpful for your travel!


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