The symbol of Kobe, Maya-san

Do you guys like hiking? I love hiking! It’s refreshing to walk in the mountains.
There are many good hiking spots in Kansai area. Among which, I’ll introduce a mountain named Maya-san, located in Kobe.

It’s a very popular spot not only for it beautiful views but also to hike in Kansai area.
I used to go there to see the night view with friends when I was a student. So it’s a place filled with memories for me although it’s my first time to hike here in Maya-san.

According to what I looked up on the internet, as it’s not that high, it’s relatively easy to climb even for a beginner. Besides there are some viewpoints on the way where we can see spectacular views of Kobe.

I went hiking there with my roommate. We first arrived at Ouji-Kouen station. It’s one of the starting points of the hiking of Maya-san. From there, we walked to the Maya cable station for about thirty minutes. On the way to get there is a long slope, We were already sweaty before even starting the actual hiking. But the area around Ouji-Kouen is really sophisticated and there are many good houses and trees. So it’s not so boring to walk there.

The townview of Oji-Kouen, townview , hiking, spectacular view, breathtaking view

The townview of Oji-Kouen

After thirty minutes, we arrived at the cable station. I asked the station attendant where we should hike and where we should get off as there was no map for hikers.
He told us to get off the Nijinoeki which means the station of the rainbow.

The cable car, Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The cable car

We got on the ropeway for Nijinoeki. From the window , we could see the majestic views of Maya-san, Kobe and Osaka Bay.
Even though I’ve been on that cable car before, I was still impressed by the view! I reached to my camera to take pictures.
I was already excited just by using the ropeway.

Awhile later, we arrived in Nijinoeki where is the most famous view spot in Maya-san named Kikuseidai which means the observatory where we can see lots of stars so close as if we could scoop up it. It’s convincing that it’s famous for the night view here.

The viewpoint , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The view from the view point

But the view of the daytime is much more beautiful as the night view. There were many people enjoying the view even in the daytime.

There are lots of trees shining with the sunlight.
The incredible views of Kobe, Osaka and more.
The blue sea spreading beyond the cities.

But first remember, we came here for hiking! I asked the information clerk about the hiking course and he gave me a map. But it’s not a map about the hiking course and there were no written details about how to go there as some spots were on it.

The cute flower , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The cute flower

Anyway, we started following the other hikers and walking. Many hikers passed on the way and greeted each other. It seems common in the world that we greet each other when we are hiking although we don’t say anything even though we bump into each other in the city. I wonder if it’s because it’s nature power or they are nature lovers. . .

We walked the trail for about thirty minutes. Even though it’s developed trails, it’s the mountain path. We moved ahead grabbing trees not to fall down.

Torii, The forest, walking , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The small“Torii”

Awhile later, the worries came across my mind. Is it right course or not for hiking? Although many people were walking there. I asked the other hikers if it’s right to hike course or not. But they weren’t sure either. . . It seemed that many people were hiking without knowing the hiking course as us.

I have to decide the destination. Then, I decided to go to a place named the hill of the sea which written on the map. According to the map, it’s a view spot for the west area and we can see Awaji Island and Akashi strait bridge from there.
As the detail of how to go there wasn’t written on it, I asked some people how to get there. But they didn’t know. . . It seemed that almost all of hikers didn’t know so well about this mountain.

I started being at a loss a little as I had no idea where I should go and I couldn’t understand what’s written on the map of the mountains.

At that time, I found the other hikers going to the other path. So we started following them again. The path was flat and easy to walk and we could see a spectacular mountain view in the right side and lots kinds of trees shining with the sun light in the left side. Some of the trees are in bloom. It made me relaxed and an atmosphere of peace in my mind.

Enjoy the process!

It brought back this great message to me.

We had a lunch in the rest place seeing the nice view. What a luxury time to have a lunch with great nature! I felt more delicious even just Onigiri I bought in a convenience store by the spice of nature! It’s nature magic.

After the lunch, we walked around there and headed to the temple written on the map named Tenjo-ji which was established in Asuka era. It’s also one of view point of Maya-san.It’s called the Big stage of the sky.

The temple Tenjoji , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The temple Tenjo-ji

There are more to see in the temple. The statues of imaginary gods and Jizo which is the most well know God in Japan.

Jizo, The temple Tenjoji , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

Many small“Jizo”

Then, we went back to the Kikuseidai and took a rest for a while seeing a map and thinking about the next plan.

At that time, I remember that I wanted to go to the Nunobiki falls which is a famous waterfall in Kobe and one hundred selected site in the water falls of Japan.
I asked the information staff how to go there. According to what he explained to us, it’s easy to go there and we can go there from about half and an hour to half and two hours.

We decided to go there as a final destination and started walking the steep mountain trail grabbing the trees not to fall down.

The forest, walking,Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

We kept on walking in the forest

I was excited waking the trail even though the way was not so easy as the staff said. Because we decided the destination firmly now to go to the famous waterfalls. My gait and heart lighter. We went forward the trail actively.

The magnificent mountain,The forest, walkingi , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The magnificent mountain

After we walked about half and an hour, we found a signboard. It says that you can’t go through this trail after 5 pm. It’s already around 5:30 pm at that time.

Oh, my gosh!!! It’s the dead end after 5 pm!!
At just that time, luckily another hiker showed up behind us. He said that he was going though here as well, but we had to go back the way we’d already come and there is the other trail to go to the Nunobiki fall.

We followed him and started walking the other trail. Luckily we got a guide!!!
We saw not only beautiful trees but also a dam and fault on the way. I was impressed by this nature source again.

The beatutiful dam,,The forest, walkingi , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The beautiful dam

The beatutiful reflection , lake,The forest, walking , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The beautiful reflection of the view

The fault and river, it's so beautiful,The view of Kobe, lake,The forest, walking , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The small river

Awhile later, the trail became flat and easier to walk.
And we arrived in the Nunobiki fall after about an hour.

Some people were there and spending their time respectively with the great waterfalls.

Some were taking a picture of the waterfalls.
Others were appreciating the waterfalls.

We took a picture of us with the waterfalls in the background.

The waterfall, lake,The forest, walking , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The waterfall of Nunobiki

Appreciating the stream of the waterfalls, I felt as if the waste of our heart would wash away with it.

The view of Kobe, lake,The forest, walking , Maya-san, breathtaking view,mountain

The town view of Kobe

Then, we walked to the Shinkobe station and parted with him. It took about half and two hours to get to the fall from the Kikuseidai in total!!



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



You are so lucky to be living close to this paradise! I like hiking because it allows you to appreciate more the journey. It helps you meditate as well. I love the pictures !


Hi!!Thank you for your comment! Yes, The house I live is full of many good places! Definitely, Im so lucky!!I love hiking too!!


The photos are inviting me to be there right now.


Thank you, Kalyan! Nice comment! If you come here, I can show you around!


Wow great spots ! Loved the article xxx


Hi! Thank you for your comment! Happy to hear that! Yes, Maya-san is one of beautiful spots in Kobe!


Woah!! Seems to be one of the beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Hope I will be there someday to feel the true nature


Hi! Sanyam! Thank you for your comment! Happy to hear that! I hope that you could come here some day!


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