The Olive Island, Shodo Island

Do you guys know there is a beautiful Island in Kagawa prefecture of Shikoku? The name is “Shodo-Island” The name means literally “Island of Small Beans”. And it’s famous for Olives and succeeded growing olives for the first time in Japan.Some people call this island “Olive Island”.

Definitely, olives is one of the signature in Shodo Island. Nevertheless, there are more to see here.
Shodo island is one of the Islands which is located in Seto Inland sea and It’s blessed with calm and mild climate. In addition , we can see spectacular view everywhere in this Island.

I joined the tour of Shodo island recently. About 46 people around the world did it!
We met up in Hankyu Umeda station and headed to Hankyu Sannomiya station and walked about 15 minutes for Kobe port.

Journey, Kobe port, sea, Ferry, The sea in Kobe

Kobe port

The ferry was enough big to relax. We laid down on the floor, played the card game and talked to each other.
When the ferry started departing, I went out to the dock and saw the view.

Ferry, Sky, sea, blue sky, Seto-island sea

The ferry and sea and blue sky

The town view of Kobe getting far from the land
The clear blue sky and white cloud
The sea breezed as if it’s included the smell of the salt.
The Endless sea and the ferry moved splashing

Friend,Ferry, Sky, sea, blue sky, Seto-island sea

We became friends!!

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, suspension bridge, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge. The longest suspension bridge in the world.

 Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

The view of Shodo Island from the sea

Ferry, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

It’s so breathtaking that I was already impressed before I arrived in the Island!

About three hour later, we got to the Island. The Pastoral and greenery scenery spread before us. It made my heart soft.

Beautiful flowers, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

The beautiful flowers on the way

Anyway, we started to waking in the magnificent nature to the beach.
Walking, I discovered beautiful view here and there.

The trees and flowers shining on the left side
The beautiful seto Island sea and the other Island was in the sea on the right side.

The small island, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

Small island on the way

Old house, sea, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

The old house and sea

These scenery made my walking more exciting and never made me bored all the way to the beach!

Nature, walking , sea, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

We walked in nature

After about two hours hiking, we got to the beach. The beach was really beautiful and the water was really translucent!
It’s totally different from the beach I’d ever been in Japan.
Besides it’s private beach, there were no people other than us.

Nice beach,Nature, sea, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

The nice beach

Clean water, Nice beach,Nature, sea, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

What a clean water !!

I wore swimsuit and went into the sea right away. The water was so cold that I couldn’t go into it at first. But I took a courage to put my body into the cold water at once.
My body adapted itself to the coldness and it disappeared soon and I started to feel comfortable being in the water.

Usually, I couldn’t swim so well. Nevertheless, I liked sea and nature and above all, I liked enjoying wherever I am.

I tried to swim even though I looked like I’m drowning.
At the time, one of our member came closer to me and said that the tips of swimming is not to resist the water and integrated with the water.

I stopped struggling and tried relaxing and swam to get along with the water.
Then, I felt that my swimming got better a little although I couldn’t move ahead so much.
There were many Jelly fish in the water! So I swam avoiding them.
Anyway, I enjoyed the sea to the full.

After the dinner, we did campfire! It’d been a while since when I was primary school student.
We did sparklers using the fire, so called “Senkou Hanabi” In short, it’s small fireworks.
It’s fantastic to see dynamic fireworks display in the sky but small fireworks which we could enjoy easily was also beautiful.

Camp fire,Clean water, Nice beach,Nature, sea, Seto-island sea, blue sky, Shodo island

The camp fire!!

Later, we sticked the marshmallow to the thin stick of the tree and smoked it in the fire and ate it! This was outdoor style!!
It’s first time to eat baked marshmallow. The outside of that was savory and the cream inside was melty.

Then, we talked each other seeing the night sea view. What a great experience!
In the meanwhile, it’s midnight. I went to the tent put up in the beach and I slept. It’s for the first time in a while to sleep in the tent since when I was child.

The night view of the sea from the tent
The sound of the wave sound
The voice of talking people.

It’s really comfortable and I fell asleep happily.

Next day
I woke up at around 4:30 at once to see sunrise. Some people already woke up and some were walking in the beach, the other were seeing the sea.

 beach,Dawn, sea, nice view, Seto island sea

The dawn in the beach

Dawn, sea, tent, nice view, Seto island sea

The view of the sea in dawn

The dim beach in the dawn was also impressive although I couldn’t see sunrise because of cloud this day. I was looking the sea from the tent for a while.

Then, I slept again and woke up at around 8 o’clock.
I came out of the tent feeling dizzy.

We ate breakfast in the beach! The sun glared on us and it’s so hot outside , nevertheless, it’s really fun to eat outside before sea with everyone.

After the breakfast, we climbed up to the mountain.
The organizer told us that it’s just 25 minutes to go up, but it’s a little hard. If we fall down, we’ll die. If you don’t want to go, it’s ok, stay in the beach.
Some people decided to stay in the beach.
I decided to go, for sure!!
My policy was that It’s better to regret doing something than to regret not doing it.
I encouraged some people who was reluctant to do it by saying this and she changed her mind and tried it like me!

Hard hiking, beach,, nice view, Seto island sea

The hard hiking!!

Then our 25 minute survival adventure started!As the path was really steep, it’s hard to move ahead. Besides there were little footsteps on the way to support the feet.
I grabbed the trees carefully not to fall down and die.

Island, Breathtaking view, Hard hiking, beach, nice view, Seto island sea

The view from the top

As we approached the top, we saw the spectacular view of the island. The view from the high place was so breathtaking that it made the survival adventure worthwhile.

Steep cliff, Island, Breathtaking view, Hard hiking, beach, nice view, Seto island sea

The very steep cliff!  I was very scared!!!

We started going down. Although I thought that it’s easier to go down, it’s more scaring to go down. We went down little by little not to fall down.
After I went down to the ground, I was full of mud. But it’s a signature of the triumph after the hard adventure.

Lunch, Barbecue, Island, Breathtaking view, Hard hiking, beach, nice view, Seto island sea

Lunch, Barbecue, Island, Breathtaking view, Hard hiking, beach, nice view, Seto island sea

Then, I wore swimsuit and run to the sea to swim again.
I rode on the boat and moved around the sea.
When I looked down the sea, I could see some fish and something like seaweed and many jerry fish was floating on the sea.
As I was looking some creatures live in the sea, I was impressed that there were many
y creatures on the earth.

The view from the distance on the boat gave me different impression to me. As I didn’t bring the phone on the boat, I regretted not be able to take the picture from the boa.
Nevertheless, I curved the scenery to my heart instead.

In the mean while, the depart time came. We started go back to the port. About two hours walking again!! Its hotter this day than last day. Besides, unluckily, we were run out of water and the other drink.
Anyway, we had to go back. We walked feeling dizzy due to a lack of water and hotness. What a adventure!!

As we passed halfway, one of organizer went to buy water by car and gave us water. But it’s just a bottle of 500ml for three person. It’s not enough! But it’s much better! I felt better after drinking.

Anyway, we arrived in the port safely. We survived!
As soon as I arrived in the port, I headed to the vending machine to get drink and took a rest in the shade.

After the boarding on the ferry, many people were exhausted and fell down. I also spent time sleeping.

About three hours later, we went back to Kobe port. I walked to Hankyu Sannnomiya station feeling dizzy due to sea sick and tiredness.
I felt different atmosphere walking in the city as I’d been in the island for a while.

The journey to Shodo island ended like this. I faced some difficulty during in the Island.
such as thirsty and exhaustion.

Despite that, I had a great time in Shodo Island! I wanted to recommend visiting this island to everyone, for sure!!!
Definitely, you’ll love this island and have a great time!!
After the Island, my skin got suntanned a lot!!

If possible, I didn’t want to get suntanned. Nevertheless, I love this tanning as a memory in this Island!!



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



The beach! It looks like a tropical beach. Beautiful experience Fumiko!


Hey!! June!! It’s really beautiful beach!! I didn’t know there were such a beatutiful beach here in kagawa prefecture. It’s not so far from Osaka!!


Absolute beauty in itself!! Maybe go there someday.


Hi!!! Sanyam!!! Yes, it’s really picturesque!!You should go if you come to osaka someday. I think that it’s not so far from Osaka.


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