The exotic city, Granada Spain

21, 08 ,2015

The moroccan guy who helped me yesterday saw me off at the bus stop. While we were waiting for the bus, my head was shaking from side to side. Because I was so tired and sleepy!!

At that time, he said to me.

You should pray for your self than other people.

The words  touched my heart although I wasn’t quite awake.

That’s why  I’m praying for my self recently like he said!!

When I was getting  on the bus, I turned back and looked at him to greet him.

Then, he  smiled and put his hands together and vowed to me. Maybe he prayed for my happiness!! The memory was carved to my heart.

As I was leaving Malaga, I saw his back leaving. So I  prayed for his happiness as well.

About two hours later, I arrived in Granada a day late.
It’s my second time to come to Spain as I already visited Barcelona and Madrid on July.

Even though it’s not first time to come to Spain, I was excited! Because  I was away from Spain for a while and Granada had  a unique atmosphere compared to Madrid, Barcelona.

Granada, Spain, street of Granada,

The street of Granada. It’s really good weather today!

This is typically histrical architecture in Granada , architecture, historical architecture , sightseeing in Granada

This is typically histrical architecture in Granada

I contacted the host Jesus in Granada and met him.
We had a lunch and took a rest.

Nice street!, granada, Spain,sightseeing in Granada, nice street in Granada

Nice street! I found many good cafes and shops in this street.

Later, he showed me around Granada.
Granada was fashionable, but compared to Barcelona, it’s more sophisticated &calm.
As Granada used to be occupied by Islamic kingdom, it’s enriched with an atmosphere of Islam and Europe. We could feel atmosphere we’d never felt in other European cities.

Spain, The statue of Isabel and Columbus,statue, columbus, Isabel, sightseeing in Granada,histrical story

The statue of Isabel and Columbus.

Walking around the city, he explained about the history and culture of Granada.Above all, I liked the story about Isabel and Columbus.

Let me explain about this story a little here. Is there anyone who’ve never heard the name of Columbus? Maybe no.

As everyone knows, he is a person who discovered American continent. And Isabel was a queen of Spain back then. She supported his journey and gave money to him for that.

According to what he explained to me, this statue above represented the scene in which Columbus asked Isabel to support him.

It was interesting and made me interested in Granada.

Zacatin Street. There is lots of fashion shops, shopping street in Granada, The street in Granada

Zacatin Street. There are lots of fashion shops here.

The royal chapel, religious architecture in Granada, Sightseeing spot in Granada

The royal chapel where Isabel and Ferdinand are buried. Ferdinand is a husband of Isabel. They ruled Spanish kingdom together back then.This is one of most important religious architectures in Granada. The atmosphere is holy and glory!

This scene is a unique combination of Arabic and Europe artchitecture

This scene is a unique combination of Arabic and European architecture

Bibrambla Square, nice square, Granada , Spain

Bibrambla Square

Cathedral, Granada, Spain, sightseeing in Spain


bishop house , Granada, Spain

bishop house

Alcaiceria , Granada, Spain

Alcaiceria. This is a shopping street which is full of exotic mood.  There is a Isramic cafes and shops here.  I felt as if I was in Arabic country.  You can buy  lots of souvenirs of Granada. Just window shopping here is interesting! You can walk around at around an hour. The Arabic literature is written here and there in this area.

The cute shop in Alcaiceria, shopping street, Granada, souvenir shop in Granada

The cute shop in Alcaiceria

City hall, Granada, Spain

City hall. The statue above is really impressing!

The tapas in Granada , restaurant, food in Granada

The tapas in Granada

After exploring Granada, we ate tapas in the restaurant of Elvira street which was  one of charcteristic picturesque street with many nice bars, restaurant. The name of this restaurant is La Bella y la Bestia.



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Thank you for nominating! Im really happy to hear that! I’ll check it out!!


Wow, this seems to be a beautiful place


Thank you for your comment! Yes, Granada is difinetely beautiful!!


i love the pictures and the architecture. The architecture in the second picture is distinctly Spanish, almost looks like Old San Juan of Puerto Rico. It’s great to hear about your experience there! It’s a very thoughtful travel.


Thank you for your comment! I really like your comment! Everytime I see your comment, I can be happy!!

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This is amazingly written, well detailed and explained with all the true scenes, Loved the way you wrote it. Keep doing the good work. Thank you!


Wow!!!Thank you for your nice comment! I’m really happy to hear that! Your comment encouraged me to move forward and keep on writing!!


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