Goodbye Morocco, Hello Spain


I was going to leave Morocco where I spent almost half a month for Granada, Spain.

We can go to Granada of Spain from Chaouen of Morocco by a bus and a ferry in a day if things go well.

I left the hotel and headed to the bus terminal early in the morning. Maybe it’s around 5:30. As it’s still dark outside and I had many luggages, I was scared of walking outside by myself despite the short distance. I asked the staff many times if it’s ok.

He said that “No problem! Don’t worry! ” He must be annoyed a little about me.

Unless I open the door and go out, I couldn’t go to the next destination. The next destination never came to pick me up from where I was at the time.

I gathered the courage and grabbed the door knob and opened the door.
Actually ,as I couldn’t open the door by myself soon, the staff helped me to open the door. I got a panicked a little.

Anyway, I started walking outside in the dark. As soon as I walked a little, I found some peoples walking for the terminal and they are getting outside.

The ferry I boarded, Chaouen, Morocco, Granada, Spain, transportation morocco, ship

The ferry I boarded

There were already many people’s waiting for the bus there.
Then, I boarded on the bus.
I enjoyed Moroccan view from the window of the bus. I liked this kind of casual scenery which come into sight naturally while moving.

At first, I got off the bus in old-tanger port, then next, I had to go to new-tanger port. But I just realized that these ports are really far each other. It takes at least an hour to go there. It’s not walking distance, for sure!!

I had to take a bus or taxi to go there. I totally thought that it’s close as it’s same tanger ports.

The view from the ferry , sea view, Chaouen, Morocco, Granada , Spain, scenery in Chaouen

The view from the ferry

But I was not the only one who was having a difficulty for new-target airport. I There were four Japanese travelers who would go to the same destination as me.
We decided to share and took a taxi together.

Luckily,I got fellow travelers like this and the we departed for new-tanger port by taxi.I enjoyed sharing experience and beautiful moroccan scenery from the window. They had been traveling in their own way and there was a woman traveler who was on the way of second world travel.

The view from the taxi,mountainview view in chaouen, Morocco, Granada, Spain,Scenery in Morocco

The view from the taxi

About an hour later, we arrived in new-tanger port safely.
We had a lunch together.

Then, we waited the ferry came. But it’s delayed as I expected. According to the website, it’s often delayed.

A few hours later, finally the ferry came and we boarded it. As soon as I boarded it, I went outside and saw the moroccan view which was getting smaller exposing the sea wind. I got a little sentimental remembering the memories in Morocco.

In the meanwhile, we arrived in Algeciras, Spain. Then, we were supposed to head to Granada by bus. But it’s already gone due to the delay of ferry.
Nevertheless, there was a only possibility to go to Granada on the day.

It’s the way like this.

There is a town named Malaga on the way to Granada from Algeciras. The bus for Malaga was still working. The bus for Granada may be still working if we go to Malaga.
But the possibility is really low. If we couldn’t take a bus for Granada in Malaga, we had to stay in Malaga. If it happens, we’ll have to have more difficulty in Malaga.
Because we didn’t have information about Malaga.

All of four people but me decided to stay in Algeciras.
But I decided to take a chance and go to Malaga by myself as I wanted to move forward even a little.

I parted with Japanese fellow travelers like this and boarded the bus for Malaga alone.
Nevertheless, it didn’t take time to realize that it’s impossible to get to Granada on the day as the bus also delayed.

I asked the person next to me for help and we started talking to each other about our experience. I talked about the reason I started the world travel.

And I talked about something like this
“The travel didn’t go well as I planned at all and got panicked a lot. But many people helped me. So I pray for those people when I visit a church. And next time I visit a church, I’ll pray for you! ”

After I said so, he looked a little surprised and asked me “Really? ”
And I answered “Yes, like this!!!” and put my hands together to show the sigh of gratitude.

At that moment, I felt warm and sacred feelings in my heart.

The street of Malaga , scenery in Malaga, Spain, sightseeingspopt in Malaga

The street of Malaga

After we arrived in Malaga, he took me a restaurant and I had a dinner with his friends. There were many nice restaurants lined in the street of the restaurant and bustled with many people who enjoyed their time. I liked Malaga as soon as I arrived here.

I was fascinated with the atmosphere. “If thing went smoothly, I wouldn’t have known about this town” I said to myself.

The beachside in Malaga , scenery in Malaga, Spain, sightseeingspopt in Malaga

The beachside in Malaga

They were talking in Arabic. So I couldn’t understand what they were talking at all.
But it’s exciting moment to listen unknown language and to immerse myself in the place.

After dinner, he helped me to look for the place to stay and the adventurous day ended.



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.


Roby H.

Ooooh, Spain! Thinking of taking my GF there this summer and this helps a ton. Thanks 🙂


Hi!!Thank you for reading! I’m happy to be able to help you. Spain is great place!!


Wow.. all your adventures seem to be really exciting! Wishing you All the Best – for more… 🙂 Cheers!!


Thank you for your comment! Yes, my travel was really adventurous one! Honestly it’s harder that I expected! But it made my travel unforgettable.


I like that you really write about the experience… and this details about moving from one destination to another. It’s definitely not the usual travel blog that only talks about the beauty of the destination. You include even your emotions in your writing.


Jane! Thank you for your comment! Yes, my travel blog is normal one, just record of the travels. I try to express my feeling in my blog everyday!


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