The last night in Chaouen Morocco


I walked around Chaouen with my Korean friends. As Chaouen is small town, it’s easy to walk. After that, I had to part with those people’s as they were going to the next destination.
Seeing them preparing for the departure, I almost cried and couldn’t hold the sadness well up in my heart.

The church in Morocco, Sight seeing spot in chaouen, view point in Chaouen

I found something like church in the hill

I left Japan by myself to travel around the world. Despite that, I was afraid of being alone at that time as I felt happier with people.

“I have to meet and part all the time as long as I keep on traveling ”I said to myself.
“You can meet the other person again ”One of my Korean friends said to me.

The word soothed my heart a little.

After the parting, I went to see a Sunset again by myself. Although it’s the second time to see the Sunset in Chaouen, the loneliness made my heart more sentimental and made the view more impressive.
The memories since I left Japan came across in my mind seeing the beautiful Sunset.

big sunset, beautiful scenery in chaouen,The sunset in Chaouen, Morocco

The big sun sinking behind the mountain