The blue town, Chaouen Morocco

On 18,08,2015

I headed to the Chaouen from Fez by bus with a Korean woman I met in the Sahara Desert tour.
Chaouen is famous for the town surrounded with blue buildings. I’ve dreamed of visiting here since I saw the picture in a book.

As we were waiting at the bus stop, I met a Japanese couple. We naturally started talking to each other. What’s more, I met other Japanese people from Osaka and Hokkaido in the bus.

We were excited talking about travelling! I think that people tend to be open-minded and talkative when travelling even though they are not so extrovert in their everyday lives.

About four hours later, we arrived in Chaouen. As I saw the blue buildings from a distance for the first time, I couldn’t stop being excited!

The blue view from the bus ,Chaouen , Morocco, beautfiful view in Chaouen. The scenery in Chaouen

The blue view from the bus

After we arrived at the hostel Dar Elrio, the friendly stuff welcomed us and offered us some mint tea. Mint tea is one of specialties in Morocco. It’s not exaggerated to say that Moroccan people drink mint tea all day. We drunk it on the terrace enjoying the beautiful blue view.

The fresh flavor of Mint
The fresh air on the terrace
The cute terrace of the hostel
The pretty town view before us

Each of them made us more comfortable and I felt like in a fairy world.

Mint tea, Moroccan tea, Chaouen , Morocco, sightseeing spot in chaouen, The nice view in Chaouen

Mint tea time with the Korean friend in the terrace

Then we went for lunch to Hammam square which is the center of Chaouen. Lots of restaurants down here and the place is packed with tourists.
I had an impression that Chaouen is more touristy than I expected.
Nowadays as many media feature this blue town, almost all everybody has seen this blue view some way or another.

The beautiful blue view , The blue view in Chaouen, Morocco, The sightseeing spot in Chaouen

The beautiful blue view

The beautiful blue view , The blue view in Chaouen, Morocco, The sightseeing spot in Chaouen

Heartbreakingly beautiful!

The beautiful moroccan woman , blue town view, Nice view in Chaouen , SIghtssing spot in Chaouen

The beautiful moroccan woman

After lunch, we walking around the town. The blue town view of Chaouen was so impressive that just walking was enough to enjoy.

Sightseeing spot in Chouen, Morocco, breathtaking spot, picture with local people

With local people

As we were walking, we happened to meet the Spanish couple we met during the Sahara Desert tour. We hugged so excited to meet again. It’s so exciting to bump into travellers I’ve already met during the same trip.

Later, the other three Korean women joined us and we had a coffee break together. I ordered a small and cheap ice which is the cheapest of the cafe, as you know, I was travelling on budget.

The break time, Korean friend, Nice cafe in Chaouen, Morocco, sightseeing spot in Chaouen

The break time with Korean travelers

I recharged myself with the small ice and talking with them to keep on exploring for the rest of the day.

After that, we went to see the Sunset together. As we arrived in the view spot, many people were already waiting to see the sunset before the sun set.

The town view in the daytime , breathtaking view, town view in Chouen

The town view In the daytime

The townview in the evening,The breathtaking view in Chaouen, view spot in Chaouen

The townview in the evening

The townview in the night. ,The breathtaking view in Chaouen, view spot in Chaouen

The town view in the night

As it got darker, the light of the town was getting clearer.
The night view of Chaouen is breathtaking!

The blue buildings shine in the dark.

The Brathtaking scenery will surely stay printed in my memory for thousand more years.



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



It’s a place to be remembered for your whole life because of its immense beauty and awesome architecture..


Hi!!! Sanyam, nice comment! Yes, I’ll remember the scene for the rest of life, for sure!!!


The blue city is one of my favourite in Morocco. I am glad you enjoyed it <3


Hi! Thank you for your comment!! Yes, I enjoyed a lot in Chaouen


Chaouen is really pretty. The blue buildings reminded me of the view from Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur. I am glad you had fun in this pretty city. The night view is amazing 🙂


Hi!!! Thank you!!! Swati!! Nice comment! Your comment is always nice one! Is there someplace like Chaouen in Indhia as well?


Beautiful experience Fumiko!! I love the pictures. It looks like Santorini Greece!!!! It sounds like a really unforgettable experience and that you had a lot of fun!!!!


Hi!! Jane!! Thank you for your comment! Yes, Chaouen looks like Santorini a little! Yes, I never forget those memories in Chaouen!!


Ahh I really want to visit Chefchauoen! Not surprised it’s so touristy now though which is a bit of a shame


Hi!! Thank you for reading! Chefchaouen is beautiful place!! You should go


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