Banpaku memorial park in Osaka

Do you know Banpaku? Probably not. Well let’s walk through history together. It’s a World exhibition held in Japan in the 1970. It was the first international exhibition not only in Japan but also in Asia and was the biggest one back then. The formal name is Banpaku Memorial Park.

Seventy-seven countries joined Banpaku and they used the most advanced technology to build many pavilions there.

After Banpaku, those pavilions were dismantled and many variety of flowers and trees were planted. It has been transformed into a nature Forest Park for the future city.
The premise is huge and half of it is the nature culture garden and Japanese garden. There is many kinds of flowers all year round here.

I’ve never seen Banpaku as I wasn’t born at that time. But I’ve seen it on TV although it’s also many years ago. As far as I remember, it’s like an amusement park bustling with people.

I visited Banpaku with my friends recently. It’s about 50 years later since the Banpaku exhibition took place.

As we got off from the Banpaku kinen kouen station, the tower of the sun representing the landmark of Banpaku welcomed us.

The tower of sun, Osaka babplu memorial park ,monument

The tower of sun

It’s a tower built by Japanese famous artist Taro Okamoto in the venue of Banpaku in 1970.

It’s a unique and impressive tower! Per the website, the model of this tower is the crow that Taro Okamoto have kept back then. But for me, it’s like an alien or a futuristic creature.

We took a picture with this tower in the background!
We got a map at first and stared exploring. Lots of flowers and trees were blossoming. Roses, Hydrangea, Iris and many more.
The view pleased the eye. It’s totally different from that of 2017.

There are many lawn places here and there in the premise and some people were enjoying their time respectively.

Walking walking walking, lawn place, osaka banpaku memorial park

Walking walking walking

Some people were playing a badminton.
Some people were lying down on the grass.

What a peaceful atmosphere!!

In the meanwhile, we came to the Japanese garden. This is designed after the gardens which represent three Japanese’s three eras, Heian, Kamakura and Muromachi, Edo. What’s more, the modern style is incorporated into it. Some people were taking pictures there.

Japanese garden, osaka Banpaku memorial park

Japanese garden

The plants on the water, osaka banpaku memorial park

The plants on the water

There was a rest areas in front of the Japanese garden We had lunch at one of them. Eating lunch in the nature made just Onigiri tastier!
It’s a memorable moment to enjoy that stunning garden.
After the lunch, we started waking again. Banpaku was bigger than I expected. There are waterfalls, ponds, forests inside. So, it takes a long time to walk around here.
So, if you want to look around all the place of Banpaku, you should be ready to walk a lot.

Nevertheless, as we can meet many kinds of flowers, trees, and the creatures on the way, the walking wasn’t tiring so much for me.

The rose garden,Osaka Banpaku memorial park

The rose garden

The beautiful purple flowers,osaka banpaku memorial park

The beautiful purple flowers

The carps and water striders swimming in the pond.
The shining trees and the cute flowers blooming in the trees.

I couldn’t stop taking pictures of those beautiful creatures!
Even though it’s the same flower, it’s a little different depend on the flower on a close look
It’s an exciting moment! Being excited make us ease the fatigue.

People shooting,osaka banpaku memorial park

People shooting

The waterfall,osaka banpaku memorial park

The waterfall

But if you are tired after long walking, there is a foot bath inside the Premise. You can heal your feet before you go home. It’s free service! Of course, you can take a nap in the grass which spread here and there getting sunshine.

The flag of Japan,osaka Banpaku memorial park

The flag of Japan

What a beautiful garden,osaka banpaku memorial park

What a beautiful garden!!

After exploring, you can learn about nature in the facility such as Nature observation center where you can know about the importance and fun of nature by seeing some exhibition and listening to the explanation.

The observatory ,osaka banpaku memorial park

The observatory

You might love nature even more after that
Banpaku is just 45 minutes from Osaka station by train and the entrance fee is just 250 yen!
So it’s a good place for budget travellers!
And we can enjoy not only nature but also the other activity besides I spoke about here.
So how about visiting Banpaku memorial park in Osaka on your next holiday!