The new city of Fez, Morocco

I went to the new city of Fez with a Korean woman whom I met in the Sahara Desert tour.
It takes about thirty minutes to get to the new city from the old city on foot.
Usually people use a taxi to go to the new city. Which is not that expensive.

The street of new city, Fez, Morocco

The street of new city, Fez

But I like walking as much as I can when travelling. I don’t like going to the same destination. I would like to enjoy not only the famous spots written in the guidebook, but also explore thing on my way.

I walked to the new city talking chatting with that Korean woman met at the Sahara Desert tour.
According to the internet, it seemed that there was nothing to see in the new city.
But for me, it’s not so bad to visit this kind of place where there is not so many tourists.

Bab Chorfa, a gate of old city, Fez, Morocco

Bab Chorfa, It’s a gate of old city

Borj Chorfa , a gate of the old city, Fez ,Morocco

Borj Chorfa, the wall between new city and old city

Compared to the old city, the new city has a European atmosphere. There are many nice restaurants and cafes. It’s the same as that of Marrakesh in that respect.

Young Moroccan enjoy hanging out, shopping or eating out in the new city.

At first, we walked around in the street window shopping
Then we went to the Royal Palace. As I couldn’t go inside, I only could see it from the outside. But the massive and Islamic design door was impressive!

The royal palace, blue door,Fez, Morocco,Massive door

The royal palace

Almost everybody say that there is nothing to see in the new city, nevertheless, the royal palace is only must visit places in the new city. It’s interesting to see!

After that we went to the big shopping center called Borj Fez. It’s Fez’s first multi-story shopping mall. It’s huge with over 70 stores.
I felt as if it wasn’t the same city as the old one when I was in this mall.

Anyway, since we were hungry, we’ve never paid attention to the luxury brand shop and headed to the food court.
Then we talked chatted and went back to the hostel.



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



Fumiko the buildings are very lovely! I love their architecture. Where did you stay in this place and how long did you stay before you head to your next destination?


Hi, Jane! I don’t remember the hostel I stayed but It’s good one. Although, if we checked the travel website I used at the time. Maybe it’s, I might find out the name.. Thank you for your comment!


The architecture of the structures totally mesmerize myself into their beauty. They are beyond my expectations..


Thank you for your comment! You’ve been there? Yes, the architecture in Fez is beautiful!


Lovely architecture. The picture of the royal palace makes me wonder what lies inside 🙂 The facade is grand


Hi!!! Agness. Thank you for your comment!! Morocco is really interesting country!!!


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