The maze city, Fez,Morocco


I joined the walking tour of Fez and walked through the old city with a Korean woman and another Korean family.

The street in Fes,narrow street, Morocco

The street in Fez

I usually don’t like exploring a place with a tour when travelling.
Anyway, here is the Maze city. If you get lost here, you may not easily be able to find your way back. If that happens, there won’t be any time to explore.

Bread making,Fez, Morocco

Bread making

The cost for one hour is only 60dh, it’s around 6 dollars for three hours. That’s cheap!!Although I was travelling with not much money since my bag was stolen in Spain, I decided to join the tour after lots of questionings.

Walking in the narrow street,Fez,Morocco

Walking in the narrow street

The town view of Fez,Morocco

The town view of Fez

Fez became a royal capital in 789. And the mosque, madrasa which is an Islamic higher education facility like many others built around the 13C and flourished as a center for art studies.
We looked around Fez listening to the explanation of the guide.

What a tasteful street,Fez,Morocco

What a tasteful street!!

A man painting,Fez, Morocco

A man painting

Fez has a peaceful atmosphere and isn’t that much noisier.
Besides, they say that crime rate is lower in Marrakesh.
It might just be my imagination, but I felt that the people of Fez are calmer.

borj nord, the ruin of the fortress, Fez,Morocco

borj nord, the ruin of the fortress

It’s  built by Sultan Ahmed al-Mansour in the late 16th century to monitor the potentially disloyal populace of Fez. it offers one of Fez’ best lookouts, but in 2016 it also opened as a national armoury museum.

Bab boujild,Fez,Morocco, the biggest gate in Fez

Bab boujild, the biggest gate in Fez

The street in Fez, Morocco

The street in Fez, Lots of foods are sold here

All sorts of things such as food, clothes, plates, furniture were sold in the old city.
According to the website, Fez isn’t so interesting compared to Marrakesh. But I liked Fez!

Moulay abedllah, the leather factory,Fez, Morocco

Moulay abedllah, the leather factory

Above all, it’s interesting to visit a leather goods factory named Tanneri.
Handicraft is flourishing here in Fez and Tanneri is biggest spot in Morocco for that.

The shop inside the factory,Fez,Morocco

The shop inside the factory

We can see the manufacturing process of leather here. I think that we don’t think so much about how things sold in stores are made.

But you might want to think about it seriously after you see how it’s made here.
The condition of the people working there, all those animals sacrified for us to have those products.

Once you come to Fez and see things for yourself, It may change your perspective.

After the tour, I had lunch with the Korean woman. During lunch, I saw two Japanese women I met in Marrakesh. We chatted a bit and shared some information.

They informed me that the bus tickets for Chaouen which is our next destination, were almost sold out
So, we quickly went get them in time.
It’s always useful to share information with other travellers



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



Fez does look interesting ! The walk in this ancient city must have been fun. Taking a guide is a good idea as you get to know the history too


Thank you for your comment!! Yes, Fez was much better than I expected!


Fez, a maze city!! I’m so excited to explore the Fez atleast once in my life…


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