The biggest desert in the world, Sahara desert

On 14,08,2015
We departed for the Sahara desert. Speaking of the Sahara desert, it’s one of must-visit in Morocco. It’s written in the bucket list I’ve written before this world  travel as well. Almost of travelers might  have  dreamed of visiting the Sahara desert once.

We stopped by  the Todgha Gorge which is famous as a sacred place of rock climbing on the way.
As might be expected of a sacred place, the sheer cliff presented before us as we set foot on the cliff. As it’s really outstanding, I took my breath away in spite of myself.

Todra Gorge

What seems to be the river was flowing in the Gorge and many people were playing with the water.

People playing in the water

Then, we stopped by the Berber small village. We went through woods and arrived there.

The Berber small village

The guide leads us

Through in the woods

Berber guiding

The dog following us

We crossed the river

Looking at the village from the distance

In the carpet shop of the village

The Moroccan carpet is really famous. There are many kind of carpets for each area. According to what I heard, they can write only bout a carpet of the area.

Beautiful Moroccan carpet. It’s really colorful

The berber explaining about the carpet. They showed us the carpet one after another.

We arrived in the Sahara desert at around 19:00 and went to our tent riding on the shoulder of the camels.
The red sand of the desert, a herd of camels. The view made me feel that I finally could come to the Sahara desert!!

Camels waiting

Across the desert riding on the camels

I’m camel rider!

After we put our luggages, we started climbing up the mountain of the desert.

In front of the tent

It’s even harder than I expected!! I couldn’t move ahead easily as my feet often buried in the sand! I moved ahead step by step with all my strength.

The climbing of the desert

As I finally got to the top of the mountain, I felt great.
I sit on the sand with Korean and Chinese and the other Japanese and we talked about ourselves and our dream.

On the top of the mountain

Inside the tent

After we had a dinner in the tent, we brought a mat and pillow outside and lay down on the sand of the Sahara desert. A Berber people played an instrument for us. As the music fitted in the atmosphere of the Sahara desert, I was fascinated by that.

Berber playing an instrument

While I was lying down and looking at the sky, some stars began to appear little by little. In the meantime, big shooting stars flowed across the sky one after another before me.
“Ah! Ah! ”I spoke in a loud voice many times!!

It’s  one most unforgettable experience in this travel.



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



Can’t wait to go there myself one day!!


The experience in Sahara desert is one of unforgettable experience for me!! You should visit!!


Fumiko, I like how you travel. You immerse in your destination’s culture! Your travels are not about high-class resorts and actually go into the community and “live” with the locals. I REALLY LOVE it!

It’s Jane from or Welcome, Creative (FB group)


Thank you for your comment! Happy to hear that!! Yes, my travel is not luxury one! Of course I like sometimes high class resorts and hotels and receiving a good service, Haha. But I’m traveling at that time on the budget! And I really like interacting with local people when traveling!! It’s the same as you!!

Who do I do

We’ll be visiting Morocco this September. After reading your post, I can’t wait to stay overnight in the Sahara desert and watch the sunset over the dunes.


Hi!! Thank you for your comment! You are visiting Morocco. Nice!Which parts are you visiting? Im glad that you like my blog. Im looking forward to hearing your story after you visit Morocco!


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