The Berber village and Ouarzazate Morocco

On 13,08,2015

I left Marrakesh and joined the tour of the Sahara desert. Many people around the world joined this tour, Italian, Swiss, Korean, Chinese and some Japanese.
As we left Marrakesh, the hustle and bustle became less. Instead, a mountain landscape gradually increases.
The view was so picturesque that I took a picture many times.

The mountain view on the way

The red hill slope

While driving, I saw a small village where Berber live. Berber is a tribe who has lived in a large area of North Africa from long ago. They have a unique culture different from that of Islamic people.

According to what the guide explained to us, there is a school and a hospital in the village although the village is really small.

A while later, we went to the castle named “Ait Ben haddou” This place is designated as a Unesco world heritage and used as a location of the movie “Gradiater”

Berber built this village and some family live here even now.
The view here is really magnificent! It’s convincing that this place was used not only in Gradiater but also in the other many movies.

Ait Ben haddou

The magnificent view of Ait Ben haddou

The cous cous

The lunch time with everyone

After the lunch, we went to the town, Ouarzazate where French military laid the base in 1920. It’s an entrance of the Sahara desert.

The town, Ouarzazate

The cinema museum

Atlas Film stagio museum



Then, we arrived at the hotel. The hotel is clean and the interior is good. The balcony is installed in the room and the view from the balcony is also nice!!

I stayed in the room with Korean woman I got along on the way.
After we relaxed for a while, we had a dinner with the other participants around the world. We appreciated  Moroccan food talking each other.

The hotel I stayed

The dinner