The huge market of Marrakesh

On 11,08,2015

I walked around a souk, what’s called,a Market. We can buy all sorts of thing here, food, clothes, goods, tapestry, carpets and so on. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s the place to feel the atmosphere of Morocco the most!

The spice shop

Every time I walked here , I was talked by vendors. It’s a little tiring! They are persuasive! If you aren’t good at saying No, you’ll end up having lots of luggages with your both hands.

But as all of the goods line up there are attractive, you might be attracted to it in spite of yourself. So you must fight against your self control rather than vendors.

I could make it through without having lots of luggages as I didn’t afford buying stuffs, fortunately or unfortunately.

Anyway, it’s really exciting to walk around the souk.

Next, I went to a theological school named Medersa Ben Youssef. It’s built in 16c .
This is must-visit place in old Medina.

The theological school

We can go upstairs!

It’s said that it’s the biggest theological school in North Africa back then. It has 130 rooms and and could accommodate 900 students.

We can stop by here halfway through the shopping.
The inside was decorated with Islamic ornaments. The mosaic is really beautiful!

You can visit here and imagine the life of theological school from that time after you feel the people’s culture in the souk.

After that, I was supposed to go to the next place.
But as I happened to meet two Japanese women in front of Macdonald, my plan changed.

I’ve hardly met Japanese in Morocco. So I made a eye contact and smiled to them naturally when I met them and we started talking.
They are from Fukuoka, Hokkaido.
They also met each other halfway through the travel. It sounded good!

We had a tea in Fna square. As it’s super hot outside, we stayed there a few hours talking about our travel experience. If I still kept walking, I might have fallen due to hotness…

After I parted with them, I went to the Hamam Moroccan host of Couchsurfing recommended to me.
The name is Amouna Spa. It’s close to Fna square.
The interior design of the spa is sophisticated and the stuff is really polite!

I was comfortable and relaxed while I got a treatment by therapists.
And I went back to the hostel going through Fna square which’s still full of energy.

The snake charming