The modern area of Marrakesh and Menara garden

On 10,08,2015

I went to new city and Menara Garden this day. There are both new city and old city in Marrakesh.
We can go to new city and Menara Garden by bus, taxi or walking depends on where you go. But I think that walking is really hard as it’s so hot outside in Marrakesh!!!
It’s not as hot as in Dubai. But it’s enough hot to be lose energy to explore!

As for me, actually I went there by motorbike.
When I was walking old city in the morning, a Moroccan guy came closer and talked to me.
He said that he used to live in Kobe the same as me and showed me the driver license written the address of Kobe.
And he said that he helps many Japanese traveling Marrakesh. That’s why he talked to me.
Although I was on my guard against him at first, I decided to believe him after he showed the driver license the address of my hometown was written.
He said that he used to run a restaurant in Kobe.

Then, he treated me a lunch as I was traveling with small money.
And he took me the Menara Garden and took me to new city by bike.

The Menara Garden

Menara Garden is a beautiful botanic garden with many olive trees ,Palm trees built in 12c.
It’s not so big, nevertheless, I was relieved to see many trees and water here in Marrakesh.

The Pavilion was used to be a date spot for Sultan people.
It’s not bad to imagine Sultan people dating here at 12c.

After Menara Garden, I went  to new city.
As soon as I set foot on new city, the atmosphere of the city changed suddenly.

The royal theater

Big sign board, the paved road, the show window, and there are many good restaurants and cafes. It’s different from that of old city.


If you want to go to shopping, there is lots of select shops. You can not only buy Moroccan clothes, goods but also buy fashionable clothes such as Zara, H&M‼︎
Once I entered the shopping building, I was likely to forget being in Morocco. New city is  modern area of Marrakesh. It’s different from old city which is really lively.

However I felt a little an atmosphere of Morocco even in new city as almost all buildings are pink the same as old city.
I think that main sightseeing spot of Marrakesh is definitely old city.
But if you are getting tired of the hustle and the bustle of old city, I recommend to you having a relax time in a quiet atmosphere of new city and restore your energy to explore Marrakesh again.