The southern pearl, Marrakesh

On 09,08,2015

I moved to Marrakech from Casablanca. It takes about three hours by a train.
I saw some pink building as the train came closer to Marrakech.

The view from the train

As I arrived in the station, the taxi driver came to me and told me to get on his taxi.
Many touts are waiting  tourists wherever we go in the world!!
Anyway, I took the taxi and got to the hostel.

The station of Marrakesh

Around the station

The hostel was really good and stuff is friendly as I read on the review of the website.
The name is Waka Waka. It’s close to the Jemaa el-Fnaa square which is a center of the town of Marrakesh.

 The street near the hostel. It’s filled  with pink.

As I put the luggage in the hostel, I went outside and had a dinner in the Moroccan restaurant.

The cous cous.

The restaurant. I like this interior design.

The Jemaa el-Fnaa square.

It’s bustled with lots of people and it’s full of passion. It’s said that this square is the biggest in the world and designated as a world intangible cultural heritage.



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



Wow. Morocco looks cool. I love the decor of the restaurant and the street markets. Would love to try that couscous too!


Hi!! Kelly. Thank you for your comment. Yeah,I love the Marrakech! ANd Morrocco is really exciting!!


I have also wanted to visit Morocco, it seems so interesting!


Hi!! Daniella. Thank you for your comment! Yes, Morocco is really nice. I want to visit again!


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