The shiba sakura viewing in Yamaha

There is a spot for Shiba sakura viewing in Yumesaki chou , Himeji city . Shiba sakura means the cherry of the lawn. It blooms in the ground and spread sideways and it covers the ground like the lawn and the flower is similar to cherry.

That’s why it’s named Shiba sakura. The season is between the middle of April and the beginning of May.

I went to the factory of Yamasa Kamaboko for Shiba sakura viewing. Yamasa is the name of the food company who manufacture the pastes food such as Kamaboko which is the boiled fish paste. It’s one of traditional Japanese food.

The company open to the public the path of the mountain behind the factory for Shiba sakura viewing for a limited time.

She is Sacchan ,a mascot character of Yamaha.

We can see nice mountain view on the hill

The shiba sakura shaped Sacchan! So cute!!!

I found a fish!

The flocks of small flower.

Here, we can observe the factory and bur the paste food and the goods of Sacchan. So many people visit here not only for Shiabasakura but also for the other thing.

If you are planning to visit Himeji, I reccomend visiting here.

The access to Yamaha

Bus: 30minutes from JR Himeji station,

Take a bus for Maenoshou or Yamanokuchi,get ff in the Shimizubashi

and walk there 15 minutes.

Time table of the bus