The first challenge of Hamam and Cous Cous in Morocco.

On 07,08,2015
I went to a Hamam which is a public bath like Sauna,what’s called, Sentou in Japan. It’s one of must-do thing in Morocco to know about Moroccan culture.
I got nervous a little to go there as it’s not touristic place and there were no tourists there.

So I went inside nervously.

The Hamam I went

The stuff explained to me how to do that inside using gesture.
I tried body scrubbing. As it’s really pain, I groaned in pain some times.

Anyway, I refreshed after that !! And I could take a shower in the first time for a while.
After that , I had a lunch in the home. The host family gave it for me.

Then, Khalid took me the to the beach. The name is Sablite Mohammedia
We took a taxi for the beach. As the taxi wasn’t so big and there were the other people on the taxi as well, it’s really packed inside. But it aroused my adventurous spirit!

The people and a donkey

The people on the other car were waving their hands to me smiling passing each other!!
Then, I waved back my hands to them as well. It made me excited!
It seemed that they were curious about foreigner.

As we came closer to the beach, we saw many palm trees and nice houses which look like that rich people live there. It’s really clean and sophisticated area.

The area near beach

The beach is really big and beautiful!! There were many people in the beach.
And there were camels and horses walking in the beach!!

Nice beach

I met Khalid’s friends there and we joined them!!!
Many people around us were making Cous Cous and eating it.
Cous Cous is one of Moroccan traditional food.
It looked really delicious!!

So I said “I want to eat…” in spite of myself.

Then, he said “Join them!!”
I said that “I can’t! It’s embarrassing! It’s not normal!!”
He said “It’s normal in Morocco! Just say that I want it some! Don’t be shy !!!”

Don’t be shy!! This word moved my heart a little.

But I couldn’t take a courage to get the Cous Cous from our neighbor.Then he went there and asked them to share some to me.
For this reason, I joined the other group! What a good experience!!

I joined the other group!

They came to the beach in a big family. So many children came one after another and talked to me and asked me many question being excited “Where are you from? ”and so on.
They welcomed me and gave food and drink happily.

After I enjoyed the time with them, I went back to our place.
Then, Khalid ‘s friend said to me
“Don’t be shy next time!”smiling to me.
I really likes this word even now.


          Don’t be shy!


In the night market



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.


Fatima ezzahra

‘Bessaha w raha ‘
It’s a famous word in Morocco

Are u gone to the capital Rabat or merrakech ?? ?
It’s amazing cities in Morocco you should visite this place


Thank you! Fatima! I already visited Marakesh! It’s nice place!!


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