The tragity of the last day in Portugal.

I was going to Portugal and get to Morocco this day. The departure time of the flight is about 17:00. I was supposed to relax until the departure.
But I had many things to do due to the theft in Spain.

I had to raise money to go to Morocco. I’ve used western union since Spain to get money. It’s international remittance service. We can send and receive money between nations.
We can receive money in a bank and a post office around the world.

Besides we can borrow money from Visa company even though we don’t have the credit card. It’s really useful in this travel. It’s not exaggeration to say that I could survive thanks to western union.
In this reason, I had to call to Visa every time I moved to the next country to borrow money.
So I called to Visa to borrow money and went to post office to receive money.

It’s supposed to finish soon according to what the stuff of Visa told me.
But as the stuff in the post office didn’t know about western union and how to proceed it, it took about 2 hours until I could receive money despite it should have finished at least within 10minutes.

It’s bad enough to exhausted as I walked around every day, but I had to go back and forth between the home and the post office a few times to call Visa again and go back to post office….

The time to leave was getting closer… so I was really getting nervous little by little.
The stuff of Visa told me that I could get money in the post office.
On the other hand, the stuff of the post office told me that you couldn’t…

In the result, I told her strongly and finally, she started figuring out seriously ….
And I received money…She said that I’m sorry smiling in the end.

Any way,finally I got money to keep traveling and parted with the host Sandra and headed for the airport.

The sky from the plane for Morocco

The procedure in the airport went smoothly. I got a enough time until the departure.

So I was looking up in the internet about the information to travel Morocco smoothly in front of the gate. I was absorbed in it at that time.

And then, a while later, I suddenly realized that there was no one around me despite it’s almost boarding time and asked the stuff.

Unluckily, the flight had already departed…..
I’d confused the departure time with the boarding time….

As I looked out of the window, I saw the flight I was supposed to get on was flying away… I was too shocked to leave there for a while…

Then, I explained about the situation to the stuff near me and headed for the counter she said. I rushed to go there with pale face.

The stuff of the counter told me that I had to buy new ticket. It’s about 80Euro…
It’s bad enough to have to save money due to the theft in Spain,but I had to pay money again to go to Morocco…

I bought a ticket again and left the counter looking down….

I had to sleep in the airport this day. It’s first time to sleep in the airport in my life…

Besides the next flight was around noon next day. It’s about 18:00-19:00 at that time.
I had to wait more than one day in the airport.

I bought some sandwiches and drink as I had to satisfy my appetite although I had to save money even more.

And I slept in the hard chair of the airport being exhausted….