The fearful flight for Casablanca and firstday in Casablanca,Morocco

06, 08,2015

Finally I could get on the flight for Casablanca after staying one night in the airport.
Luckily, as the airport of Lisbon is big and clean, so it’s not so bad to sleep in the airport although the chair is a little hard. I said to my self so.

The only thing was that I couldn’t buy enough food to satisfy my appetite in the airport .
Because, the food in Lisbon ,especially in the airport is more expensive than Morocco.
So I decided to hold my appetite until I arrived in Morocco to save money
It’s not only because my bag was stolen in Spain but also I paid for the flight again to go to Casablanca. It’s about 80 Euro!!

The next flight was around about noon. I kept off my hanger almost half a day with the cheap sandwiches and drinks.

As soon as I boarded and relieved, I confronted next obstacle!!

The sudden and strong turbulence of the flight!!!
The strong shout of the other passenger !!!
It made my fear stronger.

I thought that this flight might crash! I might die!

My feet was shaking with fear. I don’t want to die yet , I want to alive more.
I prayed for god alone.

After the fearful time of about 10minutes, we arrived in Casablanca of Morocco safely.
The passengers gave the crews applause at that moment. I barely escaped death.
What’s a adventurer this is!!

According to what the crews explained to us, it often happened during summer flight.

After I arrived in the airport, I connected my phone to wifi and I got a bad news!!
The host in Casablanca couldn’t put me up in his house due to work!!

Oh, my goodness!!One disaster after another…

It’s about 14:30 at that time. It’s last minutes to find host for tonight. I can’t pay anymore as I already paid for the flight to come to Morocco again…

So I sent many request in couchsurfing going through procedures. Luckily, there was a wifi in the airport of Casablanca.

In the result, I found a host. It’s a load off of my shoulders.

I waited in the cafe of the airport until the host contacted me. There, I met a Japanese! I talked to him. It’s first time in a long time to talk in Japanese.
He is from Osaka. We are from same Kansai district. We were excited talking!

It’s really fun to meet people from same district when I m traveling in a distant country.

After I parted with him, I got on the train and headed for the station where I was supposed to meet the host.

As I set foot on the station, I seemed stand out as there weren’t no Japanese, not even tourists.
Anyway, I was going across the road to go to a cafe which is in front of the station.
There were so many car running on the road and no pedestrian crossing. Besides I had a big luggage!
So it’s really hard to even go to the cafe just across there.

There is a mosque over there

The person sell fruits

I fond a donkey in the street. It’s normal view here.

I went to the cafe and connected wifi to my phone and contacted my host Kahilid.
A while later , he came to pick me up.
After we arrived in his house, I met his family. They gave me tea and Moroccan crepe.
As I haven’t eaten Moroccan food so much , it’s really interesting to eat them!!

Making a moroccan tea

There were many people going and out in the house. So I met many people there one after another.
As they couldn’t understand English, we communicated each other using gesture.

The host family

After that, he showed Casablanca around.
We went to a Market Souk, beach, cafe , park and so on.

The market in the night

The beachside

People thinking something in the beachside with a donkey

The horses were walking in the beach and some people were riding on them.
And there were many nice cafes and restaurants in the beachside.
Many people seemed to have a good time there respectively. What a peaceful atmosphere!

The people relaxing in the park

As we went back home, some people were talking in front of the house despite it’s already past midnight. We joined them and enjoyed together.

The people talking in front of the house. I joined them!!