Portugal seventhday, Lisbon fourthday, More discover Lisbon!

On 04, 08,2015

I walked around Lisbon carrying the map and note.
Lisbon is much bigger than Porto.So it’s really difficult to find the spot.
I asked people many times and walked around the sightseeing spot all the day.

The square of Figueira

The square of Roccio

The street from the Roccio square

The arch of victory

The statue of the king JoseI

From the elevator of Santa. Justa.We can see the view of the old district of Lisbon from here.

The town view of Lisbon

You can look around Lisbon by tram. The town view with tram is characteristic landscape in Lisbon.

The beautiful park and people relaxing.

The townview of Lisbon from the park

The street view of Lisbon. I like this scene!

I went to the same restaurant as the place I went with my friends yesterday. And Finally, I could eat the specialty Sardin!! It’s really good!!

The beautiful cathedral.

The inside of the cathedral

The street from the river Tejo

The government building

The view from the government building

There are many colorful building in Lisbon. Each of them is really tasteful!!

The small and beautiful park

Something like church

The entrance of the castle São Jorge

The castle of São Jorge is the fortress of ancient roma era

This is one of the best spot to see the view of Lisbon.

Many people were walking around this castle

The view of beautiful townview with Tejo river from the park

The statue of someone in the park of the castle.

This day, I looked around as many place as I can until I was worn out. Because I found many picturesque scene here in Lisbon. You must be same as me once you visit here!!



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



Hey Fumiko,
Nice photo article! 🙂
I saw your blog and you’ve been to many places in Portugal including cities such as Porto, Lisbon. And I have a question related to your journeys across them and other cities such as Istanbul etc. 🙂

I wonder how do you care about your safety in big cities and I’m very interested in whether you agree with the factors ( factors which determine people’ feel of safety in the city districts) presented in this article: https://www.citylab.com/equity/2013/04/why-people-perceive-some-cities-safer-others/5234/?

Do you agree with these factors and would you like to know which areas better to avoid in the city? I’m curious your point of view.



Hi!! Thank you for your comment! http://www.. about my safety, Honestly, I faced some difficulties during travel as I wasn’t pay attention so much. For example,my bag was stolen when I was in Spain.
But besically, I took care not to go to the desolate places alone.

By the way, what’s the factor? I couldn’t read it.


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