Portugal sixthday, Lisbon thirthday.

On 03,08,2015

I met up a Japanese couple in Lisbon and hung out together all the day. I met the husband in Japan when I joined the travel event once.

Suddenly, I got message from him and he said that they were traveling in Lisbon at same time as me and asked me if hang out with them.
So I was happy to say “Yes‼︎”

What a coincidence!!
Portugal is so nice country but it’s not so common to go to Portugal for Japanese compared to big country such as France, Spain.

But we happened to be traveling Portugal at same time.
I was really excited meeting them.

I headed for the station only by myself for the first time here.
But I didn’t find the station soon despite it’s just five minutes on foot.
Then, I asked a old woman passing and she told me to follow her using gesture.

Then, I followed her and kept walking…. But we didn’t  get there soon  despite it’s supposed to get there in five minutes!

So I was worried and asked her if she understand what I’m saying . And she just said “Si, Si”  She seemed not to understand English….

After walking with her for while, we arrived somewhere. it looked like supermarket…Surely it’s not station…we had came to the wrong way….
So I told her “Station! Train!!”many times using gesture.
Then,I came back the way I’ve already came and finally arrived in the station.

After I arrived in the station of purpose, I looked for the restaurant “station”where I was supposed to meet them.

The street of Lisbon

I asked a stuff of near cafe where the station was. But I couldn’t explain  so well that it’s not station of the train, it’s station of the restaurant! I had no choice but to repeat “station”

About twenty minutes later, I finally found the restaurant“station”and met them.
Then ,we went to the other restaurant which is famous for sardines.The name is Perola de Sao Paulo Grande Lisboa.
Seafood is really fresh and good here in Lisbon.

As the food here was really good and I couldn’t eat so much for a while to save money , I wolfed down the food. ※Unluckly, the sardin was sold out.

Besides the stuff here is really friendly! One of stuff joined us talking!!

We talked a lot excitedly about our travel experience appreciating good food!!

After lunch, we walked around Lisbon together. We went to see the Monastery Jeronimos which symbolizes the glory of age of discovery.

Inside of the Monastery
The Monastery Jeronimos
The monument of discovery

Then, we went to eat egg tarts. Egg tarts is one of special food in Portugal.
We went to the most famous restaurant for egg tarts. The name is “Pasteis de Belem

It’s said that the egg tarts here is best in Portugal.
As might be expected of the reputation, it’s super delicious!!! The cream is thick and mild and the tartlet dough is crispy!!

After that, we went to listen Portugal music “Fado” Listening Fado is must-do  thing to know about Portuguese culture.
There are many restaurant in Lisbon where we can listen Fado.
We can listen Fado which sound from somewhere just walking in the street. We were fascinated with the melody in the night.

The woman singing

The beautiful night in Lisbon