Portugal first day, Porto first day.


I moved to Porto of Portugal from Spain. This time, as the flight was so early , I had a lunch with the hosts Ruben and Virginia. After that,they saw me off in the door and I parted with them.

This time, the host I was supposed to stay in Porto canceled suddenly. But I couldn’t tell them about that. So I had searched the other host so hard.
But I couldn’t find soon as Porto isn’t so big city. So I was worried about that although I told them that everything is Ok! But it’s not Ok…I don’t have place to stay.. I don’t have much money…

I sent lots of request in couchsurfing to find a host all the time on the way to Porto although it’s not so good to send many requests in couchsurfing.
I couldn’t relaxed on the train at all.

But when I had started to give up, a message came.
It said that she couldn’t put me up as she put the other traveler up,but she asked her friend to put me up.
Finally miracle happened at the last minutes!!!

After I arrived in the station, the friend came to pick me up and he took me a riverside restaurant. There were the woman who contacted me in couchsurfing and the other traveler who stayed in her house.
We four had a dinner together there.

The traveler is from Danish.He seemed to travel a lot. He told us about the routes of pilgrimage. It’s a holly place of Christianity and the routes to go from France to Spain only by walking.
I sounded really hard. But I want to try someday!!

And then we went for winetasting. I tried Porto Wine. It’s sweet and delicious!! Then, I got drunk a little as I was tired at that time.

We hung out almost all the night. The night view of Porto was too beautiful to stop looking around and I took my breath away in spite of myself. Definitely, Porto is one of the most beautiful city in the world.

When I noticed, it’s 3 o’clock am!! I almost slept as I was tired and i drunk wine.
But the time was really precious!
I went to Gosalo’s home and slept like a log.