Spain fifth day,Madrid third day, Toledo

On 28,07,2015

I went to Toledo which is the old city of Spain.There is a saying that if you can stay only a day in Spain, you should go to Toledo without hesitation.

Needless to say, it’s designated as a world heritage.
It’s good access from Madrid. If we were to compare toledo to Japan, it would be Kamakura.

Toledo is famous for El Greco who is one of the three greatest artist painter in Spain.
He had lived in Toledo and loved Toledo. We can see a heritage he left in Toledo.

There are many architectures with a mix of various cultures.So you can just enjoy walking in Toledo even though you don’t know what should you do.

Surely, Toledo is one of must-visit place in world travel. I decided to take a risk and go there despite the hard situation due to the case of theft. All my money was about 10-15 Euro at that time. So when I told my host that I’d go to toledo , he said that it’s really risky!! you were at the edge of limp!!. You don’t understand your situation!! He seemed be worried about me.

I knew that I was in the tough situation, nevertheless, I couldn’t give up going there. Because I decided this travel to change my life and I wanted to visit all of countries I’ve dreamed of in my life, even though I couldn’t go back to Madrid from Toledo….From the beginning, this travel itself was really risky…

As I already had a ticket of transportation for Toledo, it would be possible to go to Toledo If I’d just go there and see around the town of Toledo and go back to Madrid if nothing happen and I won’t enter the museum and something like that.

Anyway, I arrived in Toledo. When I got there, I didn’t know where should I go from the station. So I headed for the direction where the other people was heading for.

And the Japanese sounded from behind while walking. So I talked to them. They are from Osaka and Kobe, Kansai people the same as me. So we excited talking about the
topics of our hometown and we walked around and had a lunch together.

After that, I started to go back to the station. I forgot where’s the station. If I missed the train, I can’t go back to Madrid!!Because I only had 4 Euro at that time as I can’t buy the ticket again. Besides it’s really hot outside on the day!So it’s really hard to walk to the station!

So I waved my hand and stopped a car driving pass and asked them to take me to the station. Then, I got to the station safely and went back to Madrid.

And then, I went to the station Atocha which is the largest station in Spain. The exterior of that is really European style. And there is a tropical plant garden inside.

This is the nearest station of many good places to visit such as the art center of Sofia queen.

I just walked around around there and watched the passers-by sitting in the bench as I couldn’t go to the cafe with very little money. But it’s not bad. I just like walking around the unknown place.

After that, I went home and they took me for dinner.