Spain fourthday, Madrid second day, police station

On 27,07,2015

I called to Japanese embassy because of a case of theft in Barcelona. According to her, I had nothing to do but to report a theft and she often receive a report from Japanese people who have stolen something, I’m lucky as the passport wasn’t stolen.

I went to police station after I hung up the phone. I couldn’t imagine that the first place to visit in Madrid is police station….
I’m not sure if they sense the atmosphere, but as soon as I go into the police station they said to me,“Welcome to the police station!” Unluckily, maybe many people visit here…

They gave me a number tag and took me to a waiting room. There were some people who looked depressed. There was no talking between us…
For a while later, they called me and took me to the other room. I talked about the case of theft there.

When I left the police station, it’s already 18:00.
I entered the restaurant to have a late late lunch. I didn’t have many option to choose the restaurant due to my financial situation and mental condition.

After I satisfied appetite, I went around Madrid. As almost all of attraction already closed, I just walked the street. But it’s fun!! I could heel my heart a little walking.
I like just walking the unknown place.

According to what I knew in the internet, Madrid was boring and nothing to do compared to Barcelona. Surely they have a different atmosphere. But Madrid is really clean and calm and beautiful city. Besides it’s not bustling with tourists. I like Madrid!!

Luckily, I couldn’t see around Madrid so much. But surely, I want to visit here again and know well. According to my hosts, there was trouble so much in Madrid. They seemed to love Madrid.

After I went home, they gave me some food and had a drink Horchata.
It’s popular drink in Spain especially in Valencia. It’s made of a squeezed juice of a underground stem of the plant chufa. They usually sop a bread Farton into Horchata and eat. I also ate like this. It’s really good!! I liked this.