Spain third day, Madrid first day, Alcara

On 26,07,2015

I left Barcelona and go to Madrid. I looked for the bus stop to go to the host’s home. But I couldn’t find at all. Besides wifi didn’t work here. So I asked the people where it was many times showing the address.

After I got to the bus stop, I borrowed a phone from a woman who was standing next to me and called to the host. But I couldn’t understand so much what’s she’s saying.
So ,the woman lent me the phone talked to the host instead of me and explained to me.

After I arrived in the home, I met the host’s husband. As they looked really nice, I was relieved. They gave me some food and we talked.

Then, they took me to the place Alcara. It’s the world first university town. University town is a town with a university and where the universal officials have the majority of the population of the community of the town such as municipality.

This was designated as a unesco world heritage in 1998. It’s good access from Madrid. We can come here in 35 minutes by train. There are many beautiful gardens and historical architectures . And it’s always bustling with lots of students from the world who study Spanish here.

I liked the atmosphere here. It’s calm and tasteful. Besides there are less tourists compared to Barcelona.
While walking, they explained about the place and the history.

After that, we had a dinner in the restaurant. We ate some tapas. Tapas is specially in Spain. It’s many kind of appetizer. It comes for free if we order a drink depends on the restaurant. It’s fun to choose some tapas from the menu. Besides it’s delicious!!
Tapas is one of must-eat-food in Spain. Without Tapas, no one should leave Spain!!