Spain secondday, Costa Brava

On 25,07,2015
I went to the beach Costa Brava with Katya and her family.This day, one of the worst incident in my world travel happened here..

She drove us there in the morning. It takes about two hours to go there from Barcelona by car. It’s really popular beach for local people, nevertheless, it’s not well known for travelers. This is what’s called, the local secret! It’s really beautiful and the water is really transparent!! So if you like beach, you should visit here!

It seems that Spanish people often go to beach for vacation with their family, friends. Its typical of cheerful Spanish.

After we got to the beach, we paddled on the beach. As it’s first time to paddle, I couldn’t do that so well. But I enjoyed it paddling on the beautiful sea.

And then, I did Yoga on the beach. Katya is Yoga teacher. I wanted to do this since I’ve seen this on her facebook. So I felt as if I was in a dream while doing Yoga.

It’s really difficult to do Yoga on the board, Besides I couldn’t understand what she is saying as she spoke in Spanish. But I did my best watching the other people’s movement.

After Yoga, I tried to swim although I couldn’t swim. I could see some fishes under the sea. I was impressed to see that. While swimming, I injured my feet without realizing it as I was absorbed in swimming. But I was satisfied with myself by practicing. I like challenging!

After that, we went to the restaurant with them. I was so excited to have lunch with them.
At that time, I slung my bag over the chair without consciousness. And I was looking a menu for a few minutes. Then I turned back soon to put my bag on the lap. But the bag was already gone!! I turned pale and said that “Where is my bag!?”

I asked the stuff if there was a surveillance camera. But he said no. According to him, it seemed that such a thing has never happened before in this restaurant.
I was speechless out of shock and couldn’t eat anymore..

There were two cellphones and wallet and 20Euro and the other stuff.
Luckily, I put I pad in the other bag and I left passport in the home. So I barely missed being stolen these most important things.

But it’s still hard situation!! I lost credit cards. So I had a really tough time for a about month until the credit card was delivered from Japan.

I called to credit card company in the beach. And I went to the police station with the host family. But she said that she couldn’t do anything as of now.

So I had to make it through for a month with little money.

After I went home, Katya gave me clothes and bags for me, and they told me about western union which is a international remittance service. We can receive money from around the world through western union.

Anyway, I went to bed with a feeling of depression.I may have to retire this travel despite it’s still a month since I left Japan to change my life. I felt lying down.