Spain first day, Barcelona, Ramblas street, old city

On 23,07,2015

I parted with Mahmoud and left Jordan for Spain. And then, I was supposed to go to Barcelona via London smoothly. But unluckily,as the flight for London was delayed, I couldn’t take a flight for Barcelona. So I had to stay a day in London. The airline arranged both the hotel and the flight for Barcelona.

On 24,07,2015

I arrived in Barcelona finally. Its a day behind schedule. Anyway, I pulled my self together and  headed for the host’s house by bus and Metro.

I appreciated the view of Barcelona from the window on the way, trees, beach, beautiful architectures.
It looked sophisticated and shining under the blue sky.

And then, I walked for the host Katya’s house carrying heavy luggages. So when I met her, I was all in a sweat.

She showed me the room and gave me food and we had a lunch with her and her mother. It’s really delicious and happy time!!

After lunch, she drove me to the center of Barcelona. I saw a Sagrada Famillia while driving. As expected it’s really famous worldwide, it’ had a much presence. I felt as if I’m in a dream seeing it.


Then, I parted with her and walked around the Ramblas street. It’s a bustling and full of tourists there. There are many nice shops and cafes and many performers in the street. I couldn’t stop exciting just taking a walk here.

I found market Sant Josep in the street while walking and went there. It’s the most popular market in Barcelona. Not only local people but also a chef of the restaurant with five stars comes here to buy ingredients. All of them here are fresh and high quality. And there is also bar here and there in this market.

If we get hungry while exploring, we can enjoy meal here.

And then, I explored the old city which is full of the historical architectures. It’s originated in Roma era. We can see lots of famous cathedral, churches here. Surely, Barcelona is architectural city!!

The city of Barcelona is profound and never make us bored!!