Jordan sixthday, Jerash, Arabic cafe


Today, I went to the heritage Jerash. This is not as much famous as Petra in Japan.
But this is often included in a tour of Amman.
Although, I didn’t know this place at all , my host told me about it.

According to the website, this is popular the same as Petra in Jordan. This is the heritage of Roma era and This is still now in really good preservation.

In the morning, Mahmoud drove me to the bus stop and went to Jerash by myself. The bus was small and there were only local people on the bus.
Jerash is much smaller than Petra and there were little tourists there.
But we can see lots of heritage such as colonnade, triumphal arch, square and can imagine about the people’s life of 6500 years ago. It’s really great!!

After Jerash, I started going back to home by bus again. Nevertheless,the bus didn’t move at all due to traffic jam.So the driver looked irritated. It seems that the traffic jam always happens in Amman and it causes serious problem.

Anyway, I arrived in the home safely and I was relieved to go home.
Then , I spent time with Mahmoud ‘s family until he came back. They gave me Arabic food. As it’s really delicious, I’d eaten it until I was full.

After he came back, they took me to the Arabic cafe Jafra.This is a really popular cafe in Amman. I was really excited to go to a Arabic cafe as I’ve never been there.

Almost all people in the cafe were smoking shisha which is waterpipe. It’s really popular in Isramic countries. We can often see people smoking shisha in these countries. I also tried smoking shisha with mint flavor nervously. This isn’t as bad as I thought..

Then,the musician were playing an instrument on the stage. It’s really good!

I was intoxicated with the music and the atmosphere of the Arabic cafe.