Jordan fourthday

On 20,07,2015

Today I got back to Jordan from Dubai for the first time in a few days. The traveler from US talked to me on the bus.
He said that he had been to Africa before Dubai. I think that many western traveler like going to Africa. Listening his story made me feel like going to Africa.

After I arrived in Amman, I went to down town again. It’s really bustling compared to the day I visited last time. Almost all shop opened.
I went to the restaurant named Cairo. This is very famous restaurant in Amman. I checked it in advance in Japan. This is on some travel guidebooks.

I found the restaurant easily. But it’s really hard to order. Because the stuff didn’t understand English. Besides the price wasn’t on the menu. I placed a order with my intuition. There were no Asian and single woman here. So it seemed that I was stood out in the restaurant.

After I satisfy my appetite, i went to Rainbow street. It’s also bustling compared to the day I visited last time. I went to a cafe and had a coffee appreciating the view of Amman. It’s nice view!

Then, I went to a meeting point to meet host Mahmoud. He looks really nice and energetic!! We talked a lot on the way.

After I went home, he showed me some drawing. He is an artist. The drawing is incredible! There are many talented people in the world. I felt so at that day.