Dubai, Dubai mall and fountain show

I got to Dubai from Jordan. When I landed on the airport, I saw many people wearing an Arabic white outfit. The view made me feel strongly that I came to a totally different world.
Then, I took the fist step to the different world of the airport.

At that moment, severe heat hit me and I forced me to go inside. It’s outside 47degrees at that time! It’s the hottest I’ve ever experienced.

So I waited my host to come inside the airport. If I had kept waiting outside, I must had passed out in a few second….

A while later, my host came to pick me up. While riding in the car, I saw many palm trees along the road. The view made my heart beat and full of tropical atmosphere.

In a meanwhile, I saw many modern and gorgeous buildings on the way. It’s how I had imagined Dubai.

Needless to say, It’s totally different from Jordan.

After I got home, I revived because of an air conditioner. According to him, the electricity bill in Dubai is really cheap.Because the intense heat here is a life-threatening. It’s sometimes exceed 50 degrees in summer!

Anyway, I met Indian and Egyptian roommates in this host’s house.
Then I had a lunch with them and I took a rest a few hours.

Normally, people in Dubai don’t go outside and take a rest inside until night, especially in summer because the heat is a life-threatening!

When night fell, the host Prashanth drove me for sightseeing. The night view of Dubai showed me a different face than that of a daytime. It’s illuminated gorgeously!

BurJ Kharifa . The place to visit in Dubai. The sightseeing spot in  Dubai

BurJ Kharifa

The gorgeous view and upbeat music made me uplifted and forget my fatigue.

While riding, I saw the highest building in the world “BuRj khalifa” and a super gorgeous and expensive hotel. According to my host, we have to pay 90 Euro only to sit at a table of the hotel. What a gorgeous life!

BurJ Khalifa.Dubai. Gorgeous building in Dubai. the place to visit in Dubai

BurJ Khalifa

Later, we went to Dubai mall which is the biggest shopping mall in the world.

Even though it’s already past 8o’clock at that time, it was really crowded and bustled. Besides it’s crowed all the more because it’s holiday on the day.

Dubai mall. Shopping mall in Dubai. The place to visit in Dubai

Inside the Dubai mall

I kept walking while pushing away the crowds.

Gorgeous shop inside the mall. Dubai mall . The  shopping small in Dubai.

Gorgeous shop inside the mall

There were a big aquarium and a skating rink and lots of brand shops inside the mall. My host said that there are all of brand shops here.
After we looked around the mall, we went to see the fountain show. It’s the longest fountain in the world. It’s hold in Burj khalifa Lake. And almost all of people see it in the bride Souk Al Bahar which is really close to Dubai mall.

Many people were gathering to see the fountain show.
I was really overwhelmed not only by the hotness but also by the crowds.

 fountain show. Dubai. Dubai mall. The shopping center in Dubai. The place to visit in Dubai

The beautiful fountain show

A while later, the show started with beautiful music and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

The water was dancing elegantly with beautiful night view in the background.
The art of water fascinated all the people who was there.
After the beautiful show, we had a dinner in the restaurant inside the mall.
It’s in front of the big aquarium. The name is “Cheesecake factory”

As soon as we went into the restaurant, friendly stuffs greeted to us smiley.
What’s more, I saw many ingredients displayed until I sit at a table. I felt as if being in a dream while sitting there.

The food was presented on the plate beautifully and just seeing it made me happier. Besides needless to say, it’s super delicious!

The place to visit in Dubai. Delicious salmon stake. Delicious restaurant in Dubai. Dubai mall . The shopping small in Dubai.

Delicious salmon stake

I immersed myself into the gorgeous atmosphere on the day.

After the dinner , we went home enjoying the gorgeous view of Dubai.