Dubai, Bastakiya and impressive souks


It’s too hot to go outside until the evening this day too.I left home at around 16:00 although it’s still around 40degrees outside.

I started sweating a lot and felling dizzy as soon as I went outside.  Just about 10minutes distance to the station was so hard here in Dubai! It’s almost survival!Anyway, I got to the station safely without passing out.
At first, I headed to Bastakiya. It’s a historical area with an atmosphere of the old town of Dubai.I enjoyed just walking there.

Bastakiya, historical area in Dubai, The place to visit in Dubai


As it’s a really small area, I could walk around in about an hour.

The area was really clean.

That’s because the government maintains it properly.

There were some nice cafes, restaurants, and galleries.

So if you are tired of exploring, you can take a rest in a cafe.
The mint lemonade is popular in the midwest area including Dubai.
And the XVA gallery cafe in Bastakiya is famous for it.That’s what I heard later.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t try it as I didn’t know the cafe at that time.

Next, I went to Dubai museum. It’s about 5-10 minutes distance on foot from Bastakiya. While I was walking along with Al Fahidi street, I saw a big model ship. It was the Dubai museum.

It was built in 1787 and it is the oldest existing building in the city. I could see many exhibitions of the everyday life of those days in Dubai.
The entrance fee is just 3AED. And it’s a small museum. So it wouldn’t take a lot of time to look around.

Dubai museum, The historical place in Dubai, The place to visit in Dubai,

Dubai museum

Dubai museum, historical place in Dubai, The place to visit in Dubai

Dubai museum

Later, I went to Grand mosque and Hindu temple. Both of them were  really close to Dubai Museum. I took just a few minutes to go there from the museum.

Unfortunately, non-Muslim were not allowed to enter the mosque. So I just observed it from the outside and went to the temple.

When I went to the temple, many people were gathering and praying. There were many ornaments of Ganesha inside who is a god of Hindu. The elephant-shaped face was impressive!

The interior of the room was Indian style. So I felt as if I was in India.

After that, I walked around the neighborhood. There was a market and many local shops.

While walking and doing window shopping in the area, I came to the boarding point of Abra. Abra is a small boat and connects two areas in Dubai, Deira area and Bur Dubai area. And an old creek flows between these areas.

Abra, The place to visit in Dubai, Deira area, the historical place in Dubai


Many people were crossing the creek riding on Abra to go to the other side.
I got on Abra and crossed to Deira. It’s just five minutes voyage.
There were three souks in Deira, a spice souk, gold souk and perfume souk. The atmosphere was totally different than that of Bur Dubai.

Huge gold ring and Manequiin , The place to visit in Dubai, The historical area in Dubai, Gold souk, Deira area

Huge gold ring and Manequiin

There were many high and modern buildings in Bur Dubai.
On the other hand,I’ve never seen that kind of buildings in Deira.

And the food in Deira was much cheaper than that of Bur Dubai.
I’ve never seen fancy restaurants in Deira like in Bur Dubai. But I saw many stalls in the street.They looked good and I stopped many times while walking.

When I was exploring , I found that there were many more Indian people in Deira than Bur Dubai.

The atmosphere was like India although I’ve never been to India.

Deira was full of enthusiasm and bustling.

Especially, gold souks were shining and impressive.

The mannequin wearing lots of Gold attracted me!

Deira gave me a unique and unforgettable experience.
After I explored these souks, I got on the small boat and went back to the modern world, Bur Dubai.



I traveled around the world in 2015 to change my life. Definitely, it changed my life. Now I started writing a blog about the world travel and the life in Japan and so on as a second challenge following the word travel.



I lived in Dubai for two years and these pictures are so spot on! Thanks for taking me down memory lane!


Hi!!Brittany! thank you for your comment!! Wow, two years in Dubai! Sounds nice! I m glad that you like my pictures!


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