Jordan, first day

The plane of Jordan. Jordan. Amman

The plane of Jordan

I got  to Amman, Jordan. It’s only middle east country in my world travel.

You might wonder why I traveled  Jordan. Because there are little people who travel the middle east countries.

Because  I’ve just read a blog about it before and I found it interesting.

It was totally different from what I knew on Mas media such as TV.

It said that Jordanian was really friendly and peaceful-minded and different than what he expected.

So I just thought that I wanted to see the world with my own eyes. Then, I decided to travel Jordan to know the truth. What’s more, I wanted to see a Petra heritage and a Dead Sea which is the famous spots there.

After I got to an airport of Amman, I took a taxi and headed to the host’s house. The driver was really talkative and talked to me all the time until we got to the house.

While listening his story, I was looking at the view from the window.

Finally I came to a middle east country by myself

I said to my self.

A while later, I got to the house safely and the host welcomed me. The neighborhood was clean and peaceful atmosphere. And the host looked nice.

Later, we talked about our travel experiences. She’d also traveled a lot and the story attracted me.

Amman. Jordan. The start of a new Journey. Impressive quote. Motivated quote

The start of a new Journey