The day I returned to Istanbul from Cappadocia

The journey in Turkey,until I returned to Istanbul from Cappadocia


I was going back to Istanbul from Cappadocia this day. You can move  between Goreme I stayed and Kayseri airport by bus or plane.

Among of which,the easiest and cheapest way is a plane. If you take a bus, it takes 11-12hours.

Moreover, many shuttle buses run between Goreme and the airport. It’s much cheaper than bus. Because  you share the fare with the other passengers. It’s around 5-6dollars.

That’s why I chose a plane.

You can ask the reservation in the accommodation.

I asked it to my host the day before.


I had to wake up very early in the morning. It’s at around 4;00

Nevertheless, it’s already around 4:30 when I woke up.

Or rather, I should say I was awaken by a voice my host calling upstair and jumped out of the bed.

Definitely,I was too exhausted….

When my host called my name to wake me up, the shuttle bus already arrived  in front of the house and was waiting for me to come.

I prepared in 5 minuites and left the home and hastily jumped on the bus!!

Then, I was closing the door in a hury,  I got one leg caught in the door!!

I shouted in pain!!

The other passengers were already on the bus.

As soon as I got on the bus, the driver got angry to me.

“We were waiting you 30minutes!!!”

“I’m sorry…” I told him with nervous face.


The bus run at high speed in the dim light. It’s a littile scaring.

Nevertheless , we were arrived in the airport safely and I could catch a plane for Istanbul.

I was going  to stay in the other host ‘s house here.And the roommate was suppposed to  pick me up midway.

So I entered a cafe to text to the roommate.

The staff gave me cold look as I ordered only a cheap and small bread.

But this wasn’t a time to care about that.


 As soon as I contacted with her , I left the cafe to meet the roommate and went to the next host ‘s house in a exhausted body.

After I arrived in the house, I had a meal and talked a little with the roommate.

Then, I fell down on the bed and slept like a log.


Later, I walked around the house and went for shopping as well.

On the way back, I happened  to meet my host and went back together.

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