The first balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey


I joined a balloon tour

I’ve dreamed all the time of this day.

The tour fare was more expensive than I expected. It’s about 100 Euro!! When I heard about it, I got a little nervous. Nevertheless, it’s one of the things on my bucket list: to ride on the balloons in Cappadocia. Besides, I decided to do this travel to change my life, to do everything I wanted to do in my life. It’s really risky to spend 100 Euro, as I was traveling on a budget. But this travel itself was risky from the beginning.

I decided to ride on a balloon after some consideration.
I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and went to the meeting place. To be honest, my host woke me up…Maybe I couldn’t wake up by myself unless she did wake me up. Because I was so exhausted.

There were already many people there and many balloons were flying in the sky. The view shook off my drowsiness.

The balloons in the sky, Cappadocia, Turkey, magnificent view

The balloons in the sky

The balloons started to fly into the sky, one after another.
As soon as a staff member put fire on our balloon, my heart started beating.

Usually, I am scared of high places. So I got a little nervous about going up into the sky, before the ride.

But the balloon was more stable than I expected. As the balloon was going up, my nervousness turned into excitement.

I could see a 360-degree-view of Cappadocia on the balloon.


With the balloons in the background, balloon riding, Cappadocia, Turkey, Magnificent view in Cappadocia

With the balloons in the background

The Rose valley was in the distance.

The town view of Goreme was surrounded by huge rocks

It’s so picturesque that I couldn’t stop taking pictures for the entire ride.

“The view I saw in the guidebook is spread before me!” I said to myself.

certification, balloon ride, Cappadocia, Turkey , Magnificent view

I got a certification

After the balloon ride, I went to Uchisar castle, which is located at the highest place in Cappadocia. As I walked, I saw a kind of huge and strangely-shaped rock. It’s Uchisar castle! It doesn’t look like a castle from the appearance. It looked like just a huge rock. In other words, a rock castle. But the appearance attracted me and aroused my curiosity.

The Uchisar castle, rock castle, huge rock , Cappadocia, Turkey, Magnificent view

The Uchisar castle

“It’s like I’m inside a video game!” I said to myself.

According to the website, it was built between 16 B.C. – 1180 B.C. to protect against attack.

Many rooms hollowed out into the rock are connected to each other with stairs, tunnels and passages.

The magnificent view from Uchisar castle , breathtaking view,, Cappadocia,Turkey

The magnificent view from Uchisar castle

Looking into the rooms, I imagined the life of the people who had lived back then.
As I climbed up to the summit, I could see a magnificent view of Cappadocia.

The top of Uchisar castle, Cappadocia ,Turkey, magnificent view

The top of Uchisar castle

Later, I took a nap for a while in the house to recharge myself before exploring again for the rest of the day. Then, I went to the town “Pasabagi”

It’s famous for the place where many mushroom-shaped rocks are lined up.

I excitedly took a bus to see it. As many buses run to many other cities in Goreme, it’s really convenient for sightseeing.

After I got off the bus, I was walking for a while alone. Maybe it’s 15-20 minutes walking distance. But as I was exhausted, I felt as if it was forever.

At that time, a Turkish family riding in a car came close to me and offered to give me a ride to Pasabagi. It was the first hitchhiking experience in my life.

We enjoyed talking for a short time until we arrived in Pasabagi.

After I arrived there, I could see many mushroom-shaped rocks spread out.

Many mashroom-shaped rocks, Pasabagi , Cappadocia,Turkey

Many mashroom-shaped rocks

I looked around at them, one after another. As I walked, I found a small shop and farm. It looked nice!! And an old guy was waving his hand at me.

“What’s that…?” I couldn’t resist my curiosity. Then I climbed down there and met him.

The man lived in the firm , Pasabagi,Fruit firm, Cappadocia, Turkey

The man lived in the firm

He said that he lives and runs his own farm here, and sells products made from fruits grown on the farm.
He showed me around the farm, gave me some fruits picked on the farm, and made me tea made from the fruits.

I spent my time relaxing for the first time in a while, drinking the fruit tea.