The heritage of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul Turkey


Istanbul is home to  some heritages the Ottoman Empire who conquered the world back then left.

Among them, I visited Topkapi palace, Blue Mosque and Aya sofia this day.

At first, I went to Topkapi palace with my roommate Eva.It’s one of must- visit place in Turkey. The sultan had lived here between mid-15century and 19century.
Sultan means a honorary title of monarch in Isramic world. It’s said that Sultan possessed huge wealth around the world. Here, we can see many gorgeous collections he collected back then.

Especially, the jewelries are so impressive. You can imagine easily his gorgeous life just by seeing  these things.
It’s so big that it take about three hours for us to see around. So it might take longer, at most half a day to see if you want to see it carefully thinking over about their life.

The topkapi palace

The garden od Topkapi palace

After that, we had a lunch together and then I went to Blue mosque and Aya Sofya by myself. Aya Sofya is a museum which used to be a Isramic mosque. Although I already visited here when I arrived in Istanbul, it’s my first time to go inside.

Later, I visited Blue mosque.The pattern of  blue mosque of the wall, cellar and pillar is tinged with blue faintly. That’s why it’s called Blue Mosque.

Outside of blue mosque was impressive.But inside of that was as much impressive as the outside.

The walls was decorated with beautiful blue and white  tiles.

The cellar was decorated with beautiful stained glasses.

The people praying enthusiastically. The Koran resonate in the mosque.

It’s exactly an architecture  embodied the Isramic culture and history.

I felt mysterious atmosphere I’ve never experienced in blue mosque!

The Isramic people praying

The interior of Blue mosque

After that, I met up with Eva again and went to the grand bazar together. It’s a huge market in Asian side of Istanbul.

Speaking of shopping in Istanbul, almost all of people go to the grand bazar. That’s how it’s famous.

There were many shops selling stuffs such as leather products, carpetes,lamps and so on and it bustled with many people.

Many touts called us from here and there while walking. It’s a little tiring.

But they are friendly in some way. So it’s not bad to talk to them and immerse yourself into their culture. We sometimes talked to them and just enjoyed talking each other.

We also enjoyed tasting foods. We can taste foods in almost all of souvenir shops. I’ve never tasted Turkish sweets. So I was really curious of tasting it.

The lunch time with my Switzerland roommate

After the bazar, we got back to home. We were planning to make a dinner on the day for the host and the other roommates.So we bought some ingredients for that on the way to home.

I was supposed to make a Oyakodon and Miso soup which is one of Japanese typical food. But unfortunately I forgot  bringing miso from Japan despite buying it in Japan in advance. So I had no choice but to give up making a miso soup.

Besides I couldn’t buy a Japanese rice in turkish supermarket. So I bought a Turkish rice as a substitute to make a Oyakodon. What’s more,  I bought a chicken with bones as I couldn’t buy a bornlesschicken  in the supermarket.

So I was ready to make a Japanese food without Japanese ingredient and using some Turkish ingredient.

As soon as I got back to home, I started cooking with these ingredients . To make matters worse, there were no enough tools to make a Japanese food. The condition wasn’t so good . I know that I don’t need to cook perfectly. But I want to make it best as much as possible.

So my  struggling moment started.

I tore the flesh off the bone with all my strength and measured the rice with my eye and cooked it in a gas stove.I had a tough time even only in cut onions as the knife didn’t fit in cutting the onions.

A while later , the host got back to home and we had a dinner together . Although the rice was soggy and onion was a little hard, its not proper Oyakodan,I felt that it’s  delicious!!Because I was hungry and cooked very hard. Besides the host and Eva said ,’ Good! Thank you so much’ My effort was rewarded finally.

After eating, I changed my plan and decided to leave here tonight to go to Kappadokia although I was going to depart early in the morning tomorrow.
Because the departure time of the flight is 6:10 in the morning tomorrow.
The Eva and and my host and her friend saw me off in the hall.

On the way to go to airport by bus , Unfortunately I realized that I had to go to Asian side airport. However, I was heading for Europian side airport. They are the opposite direction!! Besides the bus was almost reach in Europian side airport at that time.

I got panicked and I turned pale. So the other passengers noticed that something wrong happen to me.

I asked them for help. And then one of them suggested to me that I should go to the hotel which his friend run near Asian side airport and sleep a few hours there and after sleeping, I should continue go to Asian side airport.

I soon agreed with the suggestion .
So I started turning back with him. He carried my heavy luggage to the end despite it’s long distance.

After finally I arrived in the hotel, his friend welcomed me and offered me a coffee and room to sleep for free. I slept there only about an hour to two hours.
After that, I went to Asian side airport finally with spinning head. It’s one of toughest experience I had in world travel.