The uchisar castle and an amazing sunset in Cappadocia Turkey


I was arrived in Cappadocia from Istanbul .As soon as I got off the plane, I found the shuttle bus my host prepared and then I headed for the host ‘s house in Cappadocia.

After I took a rest in the home , I went to a reataurant for  lunch with my host. She was a Japanese.The name of the restaurant was Fat boys.  Accoring to what she said, it’s popular restaurant here in Goreme which is home to Cappadocia.

As expected of a reputation, the food is good! And I could see  huge impressive rocks of Cappadocia having a lunch.

What an amazing experience to have a lunch before the view of Cappadocia!!

I also enjoyed talking to her. And I talked  in Japanese for the first time in a while on the day.

We were excited taking even though we met for the first time. The travel always make us open minded. It’s a travel magic!

After lunch ,I went to UCHISAR for trekking by myself. It’s a villege which is on the highest level of Cappadocia. On the way of the trekking course, I got lost in the undeveloped path and pushed through lots of trees and sometimes I climbed up the steep path using both hands and legs. It’s harder than I expected!! But finally, I got to the top.

After that, I could see the panorama view spread out before me. It’s a good reward of hard adventure!

After UCHISAR, I went to see the sunset with my roommate who was a Korean.Many people were waiting in the view point for the sunset.

The amazing rocks spread us

The town view of Goreme

The sun sinking behind the horizon

The view of Cappadocia with sunset was much more beautiful!!

Then we got back to home and  I fell asleep a log soon after tough but amazing adventure.