The center of Asian side, Kadikoy Istanbul


I went to Kadikoy which is in Asian side of Istanbul. As I mentioned in the last article, there are Asian side and European side in Istanbul .

Speaking of Istanbul, almost all people imagine European side. I know that European side is great! But Asian side isn’t that bad.

And I like that kind of minor places! Actually as  I don’t know the place so much, I can discover more!

It’s an advantage to explore minor places.

When I arrived in the station of Kadikoy,there was a sea in the presence and many ships were at anchor there.The atmosphere is different from that of European.

I found a stall selling Simits which is a specialty in Turkey.  I bought it and started exploring Asian side.

There were less tourists and the town was  smaller than Europian side.

But there were many turkish restaurants and cafes line in the street!
I went into the restaurant named Ciya Sofrasi. I searched about this restaurant in advance

According to the website, it’s one of the most famous restaurant in Istanbul. The food before me I’ve never seen.  Even though I heard the name of it, I can’t even imagine what it is.

Any way, I ordered some food the stuff recommended.

I ate it. It’s the taste I’ve never had! But it’s good!

Trying new food is one of fun moment when traveling. It’s good way to immerse my self in the country.

After the lunch, I  walked around the street window shopping.

I visited nice shops written in the website.

In the meanwhile, as I started getting tired, I  took a rest and had a  turkish coffee in the cafe. It’s not so tasty the same as one I had when I arrived in Istanbul. But it’s addictive in a sense.

A while later , I got back to home and I met the host in Istanbul for the first time.
She took me and the roommate from Switsland to the beach.

She said that she goes to dance Tango every week .

I watched many people dancing Tango to the music talking. What a peaceful atmosphere!

After we watched Tango,the other Hungarian roommates cooked dinner for us  and we had a dinner in the balcony together. As it’s first time to have roommates and eat together with many people, it’s really good experience.

I can’t have this kind of experience other than couchsurfing.