Romantic resort in Greece,Santrini Island


I got back to Athens 5,30 in the morning. After I took a shower, I went out and walked around Athens and went to travel agency to go to Santrini island next day.

I slept in 20,00 and I could sleep well for the first time in a while.


I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning and went to Pireous port to go to Santrini Island.

Speaking of Santrini Island, it’s always high ranked amongst the best beach in the world. The beautiful view of blue and white is really famous even in Japan.

As might be expected of a popular place, many ferries were at anchor in the port and the port was so crowded with many tourists who’d head for the beautiful island.

I bought a ticket and boarded the ferry. I was excited to go to the Island I saw in the guidebook.

After the boarding, unexpected thing happened right away. Unfortunately, I got a seasick as the ferry shook strongly. I almost vomited many times on the ferry. It was killing me until I got to the destination.

Anyway, I arrived in Santrini island. Many local people  were waiting for me at the port to get me to stay in their accommodation . One of the man approached me and showed the picture of the room and started explaining to me about how great his hotel is.

The room looked good and it’s near the beach. Besides  I couldn’t resist against his offer. That’s why I decided to stay there.

The beach in front of the hotel

I got on his car and headed for the hotel. I could see a spectacular view of Aegean sea on the way. It made me forget about fatigue and hunger.

As soon as  I arrived there, I was going to go for Fira which is the central town of Santrini Island where we can see blue Aegean sea and white town view.

But I realized that Fira was really far from this hotel.It’s not a walking distance! I was shocked to know that. I misunderstood that the hotel was close to Fira when I was explained by him.

The time I could stay in Santrini was limited. I  hurried to look for the bus stop for Fira feeling nervous.

I headed for the way the staff of the hotel instructed me although I didn’t understand the way exactly.  Just then, the people riding a motorbike passed. So I asked them for help.

Then,one of them said to me“ Sit” pointing at the rear of his motorbike and took me to the bus stop safely.

After that, I’ve been waiting the bus to come for a while there .But the bus didn’t come at all.  I asked the other people who was waiting in the bus stop as me when  the bus ‘d come. They just answered that it’s just late, it’’s Greek time ” . I thought that this means Greek punctuality.

Oh,my gosh…I couldn’t say anything about the expression….

A while later, the bus came closer to the bus stop we’ve been waiting.

“Phew, I can get on the bus!” I was relieved. But the relief was short-lived. Somehow ,it passed by us and gone…

The next bus was supposed to come at 17:30. It’s about two hours later. I couldn’t  wait until that time. I suggested to them to go to Fira with me by taxi and share the fee.

But  they said that they weren’t  hurry and turned down the suggestion.

Instead of that , they gave me information. They said that there is  the another bus stop  to go to Fira and it comes every twenty minuites .

I started heading for the bus stop by myself. But I didn’t understand the way exactly as I was heading for the first bus stop.  So I asked the  passerby about the way right away.

According to what they explained to me, I had to change the bus many times.It’s too difficult for foreigner!  Besides it’s too hot outside to walk!!

So I had no choice but to take a taxi alone although it’s  expensive.

I was arrived in Fira at past 15:30.
As I was very hungry,  I had a lunch as soon as I found a restaurant. I didn’t have energy even to choose the restaurant.

After the lunch, I  started walking the island.

There were more single tourists in Santrini island  than I expected. It made me somewhat relieved.

While walking, I saw many spectacular scenes I saw on the guidebook. It was so picturesque! It’s convincing that this island is high ranked as a best resort.

A while later, I found  a souvenir shop which looked good and entered .And the staff started chatting  to me and we started talking.

He asked for a coffee. So we met after he finished working and walked around the Island together . The night view of Santrini was so romantic! I was fascinated all the time while walking.

The evening of Fira

After that, I got on the bus to get back to the hotel.  But I didn’t know where should I get off the bus to go back to the hotel.

Anyway, I asked the driver and got off the bus when the driver told me to get off.

But I didn’t know which way should I go for my hotel.

I got lost…Besides there were only few people around me.

I wandered around there for a while.

Then, I found a couple who seemed to get in trouble. I talked to them . They said  that although they booked a hotel, nobody was attending  the reception. So they couldn’t enter the room they booked.

And then, they said that they wanted to stay in my hotel if it’s available instead.

For this reason, we began to look for my hotel together . We asked many people and sometimes searched on the internet on the way . We walked a lot  in the midnight looking for the place to sleep.

I didn’t remember how many hours we had been walking. But after long walk, we finally could find my hotel and took  a rest and the long journey of the day ended.