Power spot in Osaka,Inunakisan

There is a power spot called “Inunakisan“ in Osaka. It’s famous for the sacred place of  Syugendou. Syugendou is one of Japanese unique religion

The aim is attaining enlightenment  by being confined to a mountain and training so hard. I went for Hiking here recently. Walking here,  I felt such a mysterious atmosphere.  I may not be surprised if something spiritual appear in front of me. The atmosphere healed my soul.

Nature in Inunakisan

Beautiful scenery is spread out around there and the valley of it was  selected as top 100 Japanese green sceneries. Many people visit Inunakisan for hiking especially in the Autumn.

There are 48 waterfalls in the mountains. In Gyousyanotaki which is  one of these waterfalls, we can get experience of standing under a waterfall.


Inunakisan Onsen

There is a Onsen named “Inunakisan Onsen“  It’s easy to access from Kansai airport and it’s called “The closest Onsen to the world“  It’s unexplored Onsen.



The legend of a faithful dog

Once upon a time, when a hunter came around a waterfall as he follow a deer, his dog barked loudly and then, he missed the prey.

So he got angry and struck off the head. The head flied up and bit in the neck of the huge snake and dog died with the snake. The dog barked as he noticed that the hunter  was in danger and tried to save him. The hunter really regretted after he knew the truth and hold a memorial service for the dog and became a practitioner.


The grave of the faithful dog

Acess to Inunakisan

Take a Nankai wing bus for Inunakiyama at Izumisano Sta. of Nankai Railway/ Hineno Sta. of the JR Hanwa Line; get off the bus at Inunakiyama bus stop