Greece, the ancient cementery , Kerameikos

On 29.06.2015

I went to the heritage named Kerameikos. This is one of Athenian heritage. It’s not included in the tour and it’s not publicized in the guidebook. I came here just because I had a pass.

We can see an ancient cemetery here. Naturally, it’s not well known to travellers.

Nevertheless, it’s well-preserved and teach us more than just a cemetery.

Each cemetery is beautifully sculptured and stands proudly. We can tell whose one it is as we see the sculptures.

I looked around the heritage feeling ancient atmosphere.

The beautiful statues in Keramicos, Greece, Athenes

The beautiful statues in Keramicos

After I looked around, I had a dinner and went back home. On my way back, I saw a lot of people outside though it was already night time. Children playing in the Park, people walking their dogs. The atmosphere here is peaceful! So, I asked my host if Athens is dangerous or not. And he said, “It’s not dangerous, it’s safe! ‘

Some people told me that Greece is dangerous. But I think that it’s different depending on the place. The first impression wasn’t good here. But it changed later. Some people helped me. For example, a woman took me there halfway through when I asked the way, friendly staff in the cafe. Those experiences made me happier.

Some people might be against this kind of opinion, but, I want them to know that travelling around the world is a real-world travel when it’s done without prejudice although one must take precautions depending on the places you go.

“Life shows only a little scenery to the people who don’t try to take a risk travel unknow place and move ahead “

Sidney Poitier