Let’s explore Plaka! Athens, Greece


I arrived in Greece after the flight of four hours. Then, I finished the immigration check feeling woozy because of a lack of sleep.

After I took a rest in the cafe for a while, I headed to the center of the city by train as usual. As soon as I got on the train, I slept as a log using a luggage instead of a pillow.

A while later, I arrived in the central city of Athenes. I set foot in the new city with a nervous face. There were much more people here and more crowded in the station compared to Finland . Besides ,almost all of them looked hurried and frowned.

Anyway, I pulled myself together and I asked the way a woman beside me for a travel agency as my host told me that I could leave a luggage there. But unluckily she said coldly “I don’t know!!”

“Oh, my god!!Why is she angry so much!?She doesn’t like a traveler? I’m getting a taste of tough things ahead” I said to myself.

I took a courage and asked again to the other person, she smiled and told me that I could leave a luggage in the near hotel.

In the hostel, the staff welcomed me with a nice smile and took my luggage willingly. Besides ,they showed me where and how to go for sightseeing using a map. What a nice people! The image here turned to the positive one right after this.

The atmosphere in Greece was a little negative at first.Maybe it’s related to the economic situation at that time.

I knew that the situation in here at that time was really tough. So some people warned me. Nevertheless, I wanted to come to Greece at that time.

I wanted to visit all of the countries I’ve dreamed of visiting in my life .Because I decided this travel to change my life. In the other words, I wanted to achieve the bucket list I made before I traveled the world. Time flies. If I wait, I may not be able to come here forever. That’s the reason I couldn’t wait coming here!

I started walking around the district named Plaka which is said that it’s the most beautiful district in Athens. It’s situated at the foot of the Acropolis. It still remains the atmosphere of the old town here and there are many museums and heritages where we can learn the old Greek history.

The street of Plaka. The old town of Athens.

photo credit: tjabeljan The street of Plaka

As might be expected of a popular spot, it’s bustling with lots of tourists!

Besides It’s much hotter here than Finland! So I was too tired to walk around actively.

The street of Plaka, The old town of Athens

photo credit: Katrinitsa The street of Plaka 2

But I used the last bit of energy and climbed up to the hill of the Acropolis. There is a sanctuary named Parthenon ,which was built in ancient time here. I think that speaking of Athens, almost all of people imagine this architecture.

The Parthenon palace, It's situated in the hill of Acropolis.Athens,Greece

photo credit: guillenperez The Parthenon palace

The heritage of Acropolis,Athens ,Greece

photo credit: ginavd The heritage of Acropolis

Lots of travelers were climbing here. While climbing, I saw a breathtaking view of Athens from the hill. It filled my heart kind of an uplifting feeling. “Wow! I’ve come here to Greece and I’m being in Acropolis by myself ” I said to myself.

I was really impressed not only by the spectacular view by a sense of accomplishment.

The statue in the Acropolis museum,Plaka,Athens, Greece

photo credit: Davey6585 The statue in the Acropolis museum

After that , I went to the Acropolis museum. It’s one of must-visit place in Athens.There are lots of the excavated artifacts which were discovered in Acropolis.

The statue in the Acropolis museum,Plaka,Athens,Greece

photo credit: jurvetson The statue in the Acropolis museum

At first, I saw some excavated artifacts in the main entrance. It lifted me up ahead.

Then, I started looking around to imprint as many incredible arts as I can in my heart. But a while later, a great sleepiness came over me and I couldn’t resist sleeping. I fell asleep sometimes halfway through being surrounded by incredible artifacts.

Some people might think why I travel so hard like this and I should take my time easily.

Because it’s travel to change my life by achieving my bucket list. Moreover, even though I prepared completely and I was going to travel easily, travel didn’t go well as I expected. It might become tougher . But even when it’s tough, I don’t want to give up the purpose I decided at first. It’s one of my nature.

Anyway, I looked around the museum taking a rest.

Meanwhile, the evening had come. I walked around the town of Plaka looking into the many shops line in the street.

While walking, I came to the Syntagma square. It’s center of the Plaka district and lots of the commercial facilities such as hotels, travel agencies situated at around this square. It’s the most important square of modern Athens from both a historical and social point of view. It’s always bustled with many people here all the day.

I was sitting there and watching people for a while. At that time, a man having many bracelets came close to me and forced me to wear them and demanded money of me. I resisted strongly and I rushed to the station with fear and went to the station.

So be careful here. As it’s really touristy place here in Plaka, some people might aim at trying to target you. It’s not so many people, it’s just very few people. Almost all of the people here are so nice!!! Enjoy in Plaka. But don’t forget not to be off guard too much.

Anyway, I went host ‘s home safely and the first day in Greece finished.

The access to Plaka

Take subway and get off in the Monastiraki station and walk to Plaka