The country of fairytale Estonia, Talin

On 27.06.2015

I went to Talin of Estonia. It’s one of Baltic countries along with Ritoania, Ratobia. We can go there in a day by a ferry.

It’s first time to across the boarder by a ferry. So I was excited waiting in line for ferry.The ferry was so big that I couldn’t realize at all when I was already on board. I was also surprised to see supermarkets and restaurants on the ferry. It’s almost huge shopping mall!!

When I was sitting in the seat, Estonian woman talked to me .We talked each other a little. While I was talking to her, I thought how far I’ve came.Because Estonia is so far from Japan and I don’t know about Estonia all.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. How beautiful!!

Beautiful women cosplay

Three hours later, I arrived in Talin.The city was so pretty and different from the countries I’ve been before.

When I was walking, the driver of bike taxi came to me to take me for a ride. So I decided to ride on the taxi.Its just out of curiosity. I wanna try as many thing as I can while traveling. Because I’m curious person! It’s really fun to ride on the bike in such a beautiful place!

When I was riding on the taxi, the driver talked to me that do you want me to take you for tour of the places in extra 10euro. So I said to him “No”

Then he said again  that he can give me discount and I can go for the tour in 5euro because I’m Japanese.And I said that I wanna walk. And then, his expression turned expressionless .So I also felt down by his expression  and I got off the bike feeling down a little bit.

But I pulled myself together and start walking the old city. There are many carriages, people who cosplay of fairytale, play instrument in the street. It’s as if Im in the world of fairytale. It’s a heart leaping moment.

In the meanwhile, the time to go back has come.

But I got lost on the way to go back to the port. I got frustrated and asked people many times and finally  I could  get on board.

After I arrived in Helsinki, there were many queue in the stop of the tram. Beside the tram didn’t come soon. So I frustrated again and I got a taxi to hurry although it’s really expensive. But the taxi didn’t move at all due to traffic jam. I borrowed the phone from the taxi driver to contact Annakaisa. But it didn’t reach to her. I don’t know the why…

As soon as I got off the taxi near the station, I went to the shopping mall to get wifi.But it didn’t connect because of something error…So I gave up  contacting to her and got on the train to head for the home of Annakaisa. But the train also didn’t move soon. So I was frustrated so much!!

About an hour later, I arrived in the nearest station of her home without prior notice to her. Of course, she wasn’t  already there.Because I was late an hour.  So I went to the shopping center to get wifi and contact her.But it’s  already closed as it’s about  22 o’clock at that time. So I dicided to go home by myself although I wasn’t sure I remembered the place. But I had no choice to go home by myself.

I asked a woman passing  by the way to the home. Although she wasn’t sure about the place ,she asked the other people for me and looked for the home  together to the end. What a nice woman she is!

Finally, I found the place.But I couldn’t get into the apartment as I didn’t have a key of the apartment. So I asked the resident to open the door and enter the apartment. There I parted with her saying thank you.

I came in front of the door of her room, nevertheless,the door was locked. So I couldn’t enter the room. But at that time, finally I got a message from her as the phone connected to wifi in front of her room.

And she said that although she was waiting in the station,she went  back to home as I didn’t come. However, she was heading for the station again as she was worried about me.

Anyway  I could enter the room and took a shower and searched the information to go for  Greece where I’d go next day and finally slept past midnight.

About two hours later, I got up so early in the morning to go to airport. I didn’t have energy at all to move and felt dizzy because of a lack of sleep and fatigue,Nevertheless,I ate breakfast and prepared .

She saw me off upstairs despite it’s so early in the morning. We said goodbye and see you again each other and I parted with second host in Finland.