Finland〜Nuuksio national park, Kulttuuri sauna


I went to the Nuuksio national park which is also a spot shown in the movie. You can get there from the center of Helsinki in about an hour by bus and train.
You can easily adventure in a world filled with woods and lakes here. It’s popular not only among Japanese but also travelers around the world.

I met Japanese tourists on the way. Every time I visited Kamome shokudou, I met Japanese tourists. Almost all them were in Helsinki to visit Kamome shokudou.

Later, I headed to the parking lot of the park which was the starting point of the hiking. Then, I got a map for trekking. I chose the easiest trail! There are three types of trekking trail depending on the level of hikers. Since there is a sign indicating the way to the trail, it’s easy to hike here. I hiked following signs remembering the scene of the Kamome shokudou.

The small lake and woods

Nuukusio national park

After I enjoyed hiking in fresh air, I went back downtown Helsinki then walked to the Etela port. It’s also a place where the movie has been taped. I wanted to visit as many sites of Kamome shokudou as I could. There was a market in the port. We can buy lots of stuff here, household goods, souvenirs, vegetables, fruits and we can eat here as well.

The Etela market

I bought baked Salmon steak! Speaking of special dish in Finland, many people might imagine Salmon. I ate it on the spot!!
On that day, the sky was beautifully blue and there were many seagulls flying in the sky. And there were also beautiful European architectures and nice markets. What a perfect view!! I could the entire day enjoying the view, for sure!

The sarmon stake

The fur of animal

After the market, I started walking along the sea feeling the northern wind. There, the marvelous view of Baltic sea spread before me. It’s so beautiful that I took a breath away though I didn’t feel like in the beginning.
A bit later, I went back home and met my host and she took me to the Sauna she recommended. The name is Kulttuuri sauna. We could see the Baltic sea from the Sauna. Surprisingly, the owner was Japanese.

The Kulttuurisauna

After I healed the body in the sauna, we went to a Finnish restaurant she suggested.The name is Kuu Kuu.  It was my first time trying Finnish cuisine. I ate a lake white fish and Salmon soup. My stomach was full of Finnish food.

With delicious finnnish food