Finland〜Moomin museum, Tampere and next meeting with host in Helsinki


I parted with Taina before she go for work this day. I spent three days with her. Its one of unforgettable experience in this travel.We hugged each other and she said to me that if she comes to Kobe, she’ll contact me.

After parting, I took a bus carrying a big luggage again. I went for Tampere which is the second biggest city in Finland. At first, I went to the Moomin museum .Moomin is one of my favorite character like Peter rabbit.

It’s smaller than I expected, I could see lots of Moomin related exhibitions such as drawing, house of Moominand then, I found a good message there.

photo credit: hfb

There are many adventure in daily life in the valley of Moomin. Even though they think that it’s safe, they sometimes face unexpected thing.

Its same as our life! If we travel around the world, we may be involved in storm.There are big adventure even inside us.

I kept in my mind this message  as one of my philosophy during this world travel.

After the museum, I went to the church of Kaleva Its one of representive Finnish church. It doesn’t look church. It’s really modern design.

After the church, I went to the Tampere market. It’s one of historical market in Finland. There are lots of falkcraft, fancy goods and food. It’s feast for the eyes. I had a lunch here.

The lunch I had

After the market, I walked around Tampere and and went back to Helsinki to meet next host Annakaisa. When I was waiting her, she came to me and we went home together talking .

The town of Tampere

As soon as we went home, we searched about Talin of Estonia I was supposed to go next.

And she served food for me and we talked a lot about our experience. She said that she used to visit Africa. The story was really interesting as I’ve never been there.

She said that when she said to her friend that she’d go to Africa, many friend said to her “why will you go to such a dangerous place ” But they’ve never been there. So I thought that it’s same situation as me. Many people have a prejudice about some country.