The impressing story② Portogul

When I went to Porto of Portugal, I couldn’t find a host in couchsurfing until the last minutes. So I sent lots of requests in couchsurfing to find a host, although sending many requests is not so good. I needed to the place to stay.But I didn’t have much money as my bag was stolen in Spain. I worried and got nervous, it’s difficult not to be worried when the difficulty comes although I know it’s not useful.

So I couldn’t be relaxed on the train for Porto. But when I thought I had no choice but to give up, a message came and it said that she can’t put me up as she put the other up,but she tries to ask her friend to put me up. Finally miracle happened.

After I arrived at the station, the friend came to pick me up and he took me a riverside restaurant. There was the woman who contacted me in couchsurfing and the other traveler who stayed in her house.

We four had a dinner together and went for wine tasting. We hung out almost all the night. The night view of Porto was too beautiful to stop looking around and I took my breath away in spite of myself.

After I slept in his house, I went for sightseeing of Porto. The view of Porto in daytime is also so beautiful that I forgot to be tired. While walking, the music of Fado sounded from the distance. And when I passed by the restaurant I went the day before, the beautiful woman I met in the restaurant waved her hand to me. It’s like the scene in the movie.It made me to be more excited.

The city of Porto is different is beautiful and different from the other city in Europe and It has a unique atmosphere.

Never stop believing in Hope because Miracle happens Every day